The Harbour Gallery owner, Mark David Hatwood, studied art & media at Bristol. He went on to follow his first love, music, by joining Les Gray’s Mud as drummer in 1983. He toured with them for three years, before working for many well known acts both as drummer and musical director including The New Seekers and Johnny Hates Jazz.

After working with legendary music writer, Harald Faltermeyer (Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop), in 1993 Mark moved to Berlin and signed a deal with BMG as in-house songwriter for many bands including The Weather Girls and Culture Beat.

mark-harbourgallery-medIn 2002 Mark wrote his first screenplay and novel, Marcello’s Date. The novel sold overnight and his screenplay was made into an international, award-winning film under the title, Marcello Marcello.

Mark moved to Cornwall in 2004 where he founded two environmental social enterprises, which, over five years, grew to become a multi, national-award winning UK wide scheme. He was offered an unconditional fellowship of the RSA for his environmental achievements in 2009.

Returning to his artistic roots, Mark took over the Harbour Gallery in April 2012 and in four years, increased its turnover by 500%. It has forged some exciting relationships with award-winning hotels  like the Scarlet, Bedruthan and the Driftwood and in 2016, expanded by 150% to now exhibit over 35 artists from Cornwall, the UK and internationally. In 2017, The Harbour Gallery was voted best Cornish gallery in a people’s poll.

At the beginning of 2018, Mark launched his newest venture, an online-only gallery offering extended benefits for both customer and artists. Within three months, BritishContemporary.art reached the top of Google rankings for British Contemporary Art searches and continues to attract some of the best living UK artists without the locational restrictions of The Harbour Gallery.

Following the success of the contemporary.art domains, Mark launched the second of these, AmericanContemporary.art in 2020 following with EuropeanContemporary.art in 2023. The contemporary.art group now owns 30 domains worldwide and will be launching these throughout the next few years enabling us to work with many of the exciting artists that Mark knows throughout the world.

In 2019, Mark pen his first business-of-art book, The Artist’s Handbook, which outlines Artist & Gallery relationships in the digital age and gives artists and galleries alike insight into just how Mark achieved such success in both the digital and physical arena of selling art. The book quickly became a bestseller on Amazon and continues to receive rave reviews from its readers today.



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