May 2016

May 2016 Newsletter

Roy_Rogers_and_Gail_DavisReputedly, the actor, Roy Rogers, used to carry a piece of paper with a quote from a social worker on it which said, “There isn’t anyone you couldn’t learn to love once you’ve heard their story.”

We’re taught as screenwriters that caring about a character is the most important way for us to get an audience to empathise with even the saddest of our characters. And I think that’s true for us all in life.


If I find I initially don’t like someone, I take the time to ask them about their life… to find their ‘diamond’. It usually isn’t long before you find out something that has initiated their (for you) ‘odd’ or ‘uncomfortable’ behaviour and suddenly you can see how that particular life path has led them to act that way.

andrew_tozerIf life slaps us enough, we react… usually with a fear or aggression that, if replicated enough, can easily manifest into a character trait. Taking time out to find what has taken a person on a certain journey is an author’s remit, but I feel it would benefit all of society before judging them for their ‘flaws’.

robinmasonSure, it’s easier to just reject someone for what they choose to show the world through their façade, but with a little effort we can empathise with them at least. And who knows, with enough empathy, they may even trust themselves enough to come out of their shell and reveal their diamond to both us, and the rest of society.

claire_henleyAnd if you don’t want to do the legwork or don’t have time to, I have a shortcut: just imagine that person as a five-year-old child. I find this a sure-fire way to shed my preconceived first impressions and give someone a second chance. After all, we’re all that little person inside, trying to get through our day, right?

harbourgallery-logo-square-ThankyouAnyway, before I get on to this month’s delights, I want to first thank you personally for your custom over the last few years. April was the end of our fourth year and thanks to you and to our incredible artists, THG has grown 600% in those last 4 years. An astonishing achievement and I’m eternally grateful for your support. Thank you. I feel truly blessed.

samvadoOK, I want to start with giving a heads up to  the brilliant Peter Barker who sent us some amazing pieces at the end of last moth and that slipped through the net in our April newsletter. You can check out these corkers here.

jenny_aitkenAdditionally, Andrew Tozer came in with a raft of new pieces this month. One of them didn’t even make the wall before being sold and a few others have gone since. But keep the faith, he’s painting more for us as I write and they’ll be in soon!

joe_armstrongWe’ve had newbies in from the incredible Robin Mason and the charming Claire Henley, both of which have only just replaced sales that keep building as the year’s sales soar. And our newest star, Julian Mason, sent in some replacements, too, to cover the 5 we sold in as many days… blimey!

hilary_stockI’d also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Cornish sculptor, Samvado, who joined us this month. His wonderful granite and serpentine works have all been sourced from the Lizard, where he lives and works, so I hope you’ll love these two first pieces we have… more on their way.

And that’s not all! The lovely Jenny Aitken came in with 4 beautiful new pieces for us and that cheeky Joe Armstrong continues to kick it out the ballpark with his hugely popular pallet knife work. Joe’ll be our first Fisherman’s Shelter exhibition of the year at the end of May Bank holiday weekend, followed by the awesome Hilary Stock later that week. Oh and that maestro, Ilric Shetland, brought in a couple of new works, too… astonishing doesn’t even come close!

rachael_mia_allen-BucketandSpadeDayTowanBeach-710Last, and by no means least, the beautiful Rachael Mia Allen came in as promised with an entire new collection. She changed styles recently and her new work is just as exciting as it ever was, but now has an even more vivacious colour pallet, which is just ginger-peachy. But don’t take my word for it, have a butchers yourself here.

julian_masonSo there it is. Do keep checking in on our website and social media feeds until something you can’t live without comes in, so you can grab it before it flies out again. In the mean time, Deborah and I are always here for you if you need us. And if you haven’t seen our 150% bigger gallery this year, you’re in for a treat!

Toodle pip, me lovelies!



April Newsletter

boundariesHaving boundaries may on the surface seem like a negative trait, but I believe them to be one of the most important characteristics in a loving/respectful relationship, both to one’s self and to another.

I spent much of my teenage life trying to appease people: being ‘nice’ to them so they would like me. This bound-less pursuit allowed many to treat me disrespectfully and, in the interests of maintaining a cordial atmosphere, I used to swallow this, despite it making me feel worthless… read more.




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