June 2018

If I was to ever write a self-help book, I think it would have to be entitled ‘Reassessing Failure’. There is so much pressure these days to do things ‘right’ but in appeasing others I feel we’re at risk of missing the bigger picture.

Take everyone’s favourite gallery manager, Deborah, for example. Our lovely Debs is quite self-deprecating, but I feel her, and those like her, are sorely wrong when it comes to assessing their achievements.

peter_wileman-MawganPorthFailure isn’t about turning up and underachieving; failure for me is not turning up at all. When a reporter asked light bulb inventor Thomas Edison, “How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?” Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”

We learn very little from success. As sweet as it is, it’s usually either the end of a long journey of ‘failures’; won through having a natural gift; or a case of beginner’s luck. But without failures, success is pretty meaningless. In failing we learn the most about ourselves… how to do the things we’re attempting better.

I strive to be a good husband, gallery owner, person. Am I? Of course not… not always. But I try. I have an end goal and I keep striving towards it. Like Edison, I’m going through my 1000 steps towards that goal and each time I do get things right and feel a modicum of success, I feel good about myself for turning up.

To err is human… or as Thomas Watson Sr. put it, “The fastest way to succeed is to double your failure rate.” So I say to Deborah and all other like-minded souls… turn up and fail. Fail and fail again. I love that you try and, for me, I’m in awe that you do and you’re a success in my eyes for doing just that!

Righteo, once again we have a mound of loveliness to get through and what better way to kick off than with the smashin’ Ben Taffinder. His annual exhibition starts tonight (June 1st) in conjunction with Trevethan Gin who are coming to do a gin tasting from 6pm in the gallery. His exhibition works are live now right here and some have sold already, so make sure you pop in!

I am utterly delighted to introduce you to semi-abstract artist, Mari French. Mari and I work together over at our sister website, britishcontemporary.art and I’m excited she agreed to paint some Cornish inspired pieces for THG. You can see them and read about her rich pedigree on her page here.

In two weeks, the delightful Jenny Aitken and our Californian lass, Kim VanderHoek will be holding their combined summer exhibition in the Fisherman’s Shelter in Portscatho. They’ve both painted new works especially for the exhibition which I’ll share nearer the time and you can see new works from them both right now on their respective pages.

Kicking off the new works bonanza this month is the mighty Peter Wileman. The last two we had from him lasted 4 days, so if you’re a fan, I’d get it quick here. And talking about popular, Claire Henley sold hugely in May and she’s been busy replacing those this week, so check those out here!

If you haven’t seen Julian Mason‘s exhibition collection, what’s left of them (plus the little studies he painted whilst exhibiting) are now on his page and that clever Mike Hindle popped in with three stunning newbies just last week, too. They’re now live in glorious Superzoom here.

Robin Mason and Joe Armstrong both have incredible new works for you… boy those boys can paint! And if that wasn’t enough for ya, you just gotta see the new works from Jill Hudson that graced our gallery last weekend. I kid you not, one lasted just 2 hours! So if you love her work, better get in quick as we only have one left.

Lastly, the painter’s painter, Neil Bolton, has been working away and his’ll be in this weekend along with some newbies from Tom Marsh, who is painting for us as I write down in St Mawes. Maybe you caught him on one of his midnight painting vigils? Anyway, more on those when they’re dry and framed.

So there it is. Congratulations to Kelly Glen who won our Cornwall Living competition for a free Claire Henley print of the Hidden Hut. You can see all her prints yourself here. And whilst mentioning the press, please do all you can to support the magnificent Cornwall Today, who I pen the arts feature for. If you can subscribe our buy a copy, it will help them keep this superb publication alive. Here’s a link for both.

Caio for now, you lovely people, you!



May 2018

I was having the conversation again recently about how attracted we are to bad news. As such, much of what we see and read on the news and in the press reflects that ‘addiction’. But if we look back over history, we can easily overlook how the good in human nature has always found a way to succeed.

Dictators, hardliners and those that peddle in fear and hate have often, and still do, come to the fore. Because of their rhetoric, they prey on our fears to rise to positions of power by muscling in and taking control… read more

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