August 2013

August 2013

thanksAs I grow older, I feel gratitude is one of the main routes to happiness. No matter where we are in our life, there are always others who are worse off than ourselves. I understand everything is relative and that we all have times when we feel down, but in the great scheme of things, being grateful for what you have – rather than focussing on what you don’t – is the easiest way to achieve some modicum of happiness.

phil_johnsSo why bring that up? I was at a loss just last February when I didn’t secure the deals I’d needed to make the social enterprise I’d been building sustainable. But just when I thought things we’re spiralling down, I received one of the most abundant gifts I’d ever been given… The Harbour Gallery.

I’m exceptionally grateful to my predecessor, Tony Millington, for offering it to me and it just reinforces my belief that although things may seem like they’re crashing down around us from time to time, there’s always something bigger out there being constructed, with firmer foundations. So, I’m thankful to Tony for his generous offer and what’s more, I’m grateful for the success the business has seen through your support, so thank you, too!

Sculptures by Joanna Walker and Stephanie Cushing.The middle of last month was hectic, organising, delivering and hanging all the works at the Scarlet and Bedruthan Hotels. But we’re there, they’re looking magnificent… and they’re selling! So if you’d like to see what they have in stock, why not pop over for lunch and take a butchers!


On the online front, you may have noticed the new website which went live on 15th July. It’s so much more interactive and the pictures are much larger, so viewing and locating the art on sale, both on the website and in the gallery, should be so much easier for everyone. If you have any thoughts on how to improve the experience, please do let me know and I’ll certainly take them on board.


In the last month we’ve had some lovely work in from our new artists, Haidee-Jo Summers Joanna Walker and Stephanie Cushing I’m delighted and grateful (there’s that word again!) that they’ve decided to show with us and I’m sure they’ll all well in the coming weeks… if fact both Haidee-Jo and Joanna have already got a sales under their belts!


We’ve had a couple of new Lynn Golden’s in to replace those that have sold, and the Andrew Tozer’s are still flying out like there’s no tomorrow (17 since April) so get in fast if you want to catch one of his masterpieces!


Robin Mason is coming up on the rails with his exceptional work and he and and Jill Hudson’s exhibition at St Anthony was a huge success. If you didn’t get chance to get there, no worries, the unsold works are now live on the website. And I hope you’ll get time to pop in to Andrew Tozer’s exhibition at the Bank Holiday weekend in August… it’ll be a cracker and there’s already some incredible work being painted just for that!

Congratulations to Malcolm Ludvigsen as well. He won this year’s Oldie British Artists Award (launched in 2012 by The Oldie magazine) for his Yorkshire seascape “Filey”. Yet another notch on this well regarded painter’s belt… well done, Malcolm!


So there it is. With the month’s sales going through the roof, we’ve got new works coming in all the time, like Ban Catt & Phil Johns who have some new ones just in.

There’s some fab new work from Hilary stock, too, and Ben Taffinder’s (who’s had a record sales month) will be delivering some new work in to us shortly, as well.


So keep your eyes on our website, Facebook and Twitter feeds for the latest and in the mean time, enjoy the month ahead!

Oh and with so much going on, I had little time to get a Podcast together for you, so instead, I’ve created a stroll around the lovely Scarlet and Bedruthan hotels’ exhibition of our artist’s work accompanied by ‘Adagio’ performed by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra & Libor Pesek… enjoy!




July 2013

billI’ve found myself reflecting on both ends of life’s full circle this month. On one side I’ve been reminded of the preciousness of life. Two dogs that I hold dear in my life passed away this month (thankfully not my own) and my dear friend, Bill, would have been 97 this month, too… read more



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