February 2022

I remember as a child wanting desperately to be famous. Having had a taste of what it was like to be idolised on my first gig as a drummer at a local school at 13, it drove me to focus on music as a career and later worked with some of the UK’s best known bands.

It was there, however, I saw the dark side of fame and the music industry. That same desire had reduced some of those who’d truly enjoyed fame and wanted to relive it, become desperately sad and needy as a consequence.

Be careful what you wish for, is what my mother often told me and she was right, of course. So many of us want what we believe is the ultimate dream: money, fame, recognition. But, like me, if that becomes the only aim, the spoils, once won, may well become very shallow and the need to sustain it damaging.

We celebrate achievements of ’the best’ in so many award ceremonies today, but little is said about the most loving. As I’ve become older, I’ve realised the value of doing things for others rather than oneself. I wonder if this was celebrated more readily, instead of winning, as a society, we might encourage our offspring to consider ‘giving’ and ‘being’ more worthwhile life achievements than simply money or adulation?

Okey Kokey, as from tomorrow, the gallery is back open for visitors and we’re raring to go with some incredible new work and a brand new artist.

But before I get onto those, I’m delighted to share with you the Fisherman’s Shelter and gallery exhibition dates for the coming season. I hope you’ll be around for at least one of these so you can meet the artists and chat about their work with them.

And so, I am delighted to introduce you to THG’s newest seascapist, James Bartholomew. A full member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists for two decades, I just know you’re going to drool over this talented Cornish artist’s refreshing and uplifting seascapes and Cornish scenes. He’s certainly doing it for us!  You’re welcome!

Right, here comes a  rapid dash through all the oodles of new works kicking off with the fab Robin Mason who dropped down some incredible new pieces, like the beauty above. And Claire Henley‘s last one didn’t even last the day, so do dilly dally with this beauty if you like it as much as we do!

The Hig is always beavering away, making up for his sales and I doubt this new beauty of Porthcurnick will last long, either. See this all Stephen Higton‘s work here. And talking about selling like hotcakes, Clare Bowen sent us three newbies last week and only one of ’em is left! This corker of Portscatho.

Jamel Akib added this astonishing Puffin painting to his page, but best move fast, the last 6 sold in a heartbeat! And Angela Uren‘s work is becoming highly collectable. She’s sold three in the last few weeks alone and every time we replace them, they fly off to new homes. You can see why in this creamy little number, one of three new pieces!

Ben Taffinder has revisited Molounon Beach again and produced another blinder of a painting of everyone’s favourite Monterey pines.

And the watercolour master, John Hopkins outdid even his exceptional self with this mouthwatering painting of the Taffinder working boats in Portscatho Porth. Watercolour doesn’t get much better than this, folks!

The Mega talented Julian Mason, who has sold a lot of works throughout January, has just sent us three astonishing new oils of the Roseland. I have no idea how this fella does it, but does it, he does!

And on the subject of astonishing, Andrew Allanson‘s popularity has been stratospheric over the last few months and he’s working on a new collection for us as I write, in the mean time he’s been kind enough to give us one little taster with this beauty.

And to finish off the month, Roz Andain has been working on a refreshing new collection for us as well. In the last few months, her work has grown and grown in coincidence and we’re all loving this bold and exciting new curve in her work. Hope ya’ll do too!

So there it is. If you have something you’d like to commission, our artists are always up for a challenge so just drop us a line and we’ll get the wheels in motion. For now, have a fabulous valentines month and I’ll be back in your inbox in March!

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Mark David Hatwood FRSA


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