January 2020

I was listening to a request radio show the other day and a sentiment that moved me particularly was one from a husband who said that he was thankful for all his past hardships (I assume that included a previous marriage) because without those, he would never have met his current wife.

We all have issues in life but many of us that have endured them have found the grass so much greener on the other side. For me, life should be all about growth. Things rarely go exactly to plan and it is through those unexpected outcomes that we grow the most.

As I’ve said many times before here, I choose to see problems in life as challenges and a space for me to grow. This past year was a challenging one for my family, but through it, our love for each other has become stronger and our gratitude for life more abundant.

If you’ve found your greener grass, congratulations on the hard won journey. If you can, embrace the challenges that brought you to your abundance… without them you may not have got there. To those still transitioning, know you will get through them. As hard as it may seem now, do your best to have faith in the process. It’ll be all worth it, I promise.

OK, yes, it’s true, we have a lot of spectacular new work from artists like Ben Taffinder, Penny German, Peter Wileman, Hester Berry, Mike Hindle and Claire Henley as well as Philip Tyler and Ilric Shetland. So do pop over and see their work on their respective pages.

But, as last year’s daily January offers were such a resounding success, with many of you enjoying our daily bargains pop in to your inbox each day at 8am, I will be doing the same again this year.

Starting tomorrow at 8am, you will receive a daily painting offer with at least 20% off, along with free UK delivery. But be warned, there is only one each day and when it’s gone, it’s gone!

Unlike last year, though, where I used a different mail sender for the offers, because some of you didn’t get the daily offers, I shall be using our usual one this time. This does mean that if you unsubscribe, it will be to all our emails I’m afraid. But you can re-subscribe in February if you feel it’s too much for you.

For everyone else, I hope you enjoy the daily offers. Delivery may take a week or two as we’re officially closed from 6th January. But I will pop in from time to time to make sure some go off sooner rather than later.

For now, though, all I’d like to do is thank you for all your support and custom in 2019 – another record-breaking year for THG central! – and I want to heartily wish you all your wildest dreams in this, the Roaring Twenties MkII.

Keeeeeeep Dancing!


Mark David Hatwood FRSA


December 2019

I’ve been watching many ‘change’ films recently like the BBCs critically acclaimed ‘Meat…’ that aired last week. It’s always daunting and somewhat confusing how, and whether we should approach huge changes both in society and personally.

We’ve had many switches in thinking over the decades and have had to change direction for the benefit of the whole before now. Coal mining in Wales springs to mind and although hugely controversial at the time and massive job losses were incurred, the changes were made and Wales reinvented itself into an excellent IT hub, amongst other things… read more.

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