January 2014

eloIt’s not often I beg to differ with the Oxford English Dictionary, but in my mind, the opposite of Love isn’t Hate, but Fear. Hate is a result of Fear. And I reckon fear is the one emotion that drives most of the negative stuff we see happening in society… especially the fear of not having enough.

We’re hardwired to ‘look after our clan’, be it friends, family, Country, etc. but I feel true strength resides in avoiding that instinct and instead acting from a position of Love and abundance towards everyone. I once read somewhere that if you’re not sure how to react in any one situation, ask yourself one question; ‘What would Love do now?’

ben_taffinder-OilseedFromTrethem-710The answer to this question is incredibly powerful. To act with understanding, despite being attacked, with compassion when people are screaming abuse, and with love when the world is raging with anger, is a source of incredible power, not just for the person receiving it, but also for the one bestowing it.

I remember my father, when faced with someone who wanted to rant at him, take the persons hand, shake it warmly and smile. You could just see the person’s anger dissipate through that one simple generous physical connection. Being calm when your instincts are screaming at you to react with fear – to fight or run – gives you an incredibly powerful feeling of control and it reassures others that everything isn’t as bad as they fear it is.

robin_mason-BoatsAtStAnthony-710 copyI try as best I can to think of the bigger picture when doing anything and I’m always astonished at how people react when I do. The abundance that comes from it quite literally brings tears to my eyes; as happened three times just this last week alone.

I was showered with small, financially insignificant gifts which meant the world to me because I know the weight of love that was behind them. It was both humbling and heartwarming and it just drives me on to give again and again: love driving love (I wrote a parable about this, which you’re more than welcome to download here for free here).

andrew_tozer-yellowboatsportscathoslip-710Since taking over the gallery I feel like I’ve made hundreds of new friends in you, as a customer, and in our artists. I love working for them and you, and adore the light the artists bring into my life each day. So, because of them, and as a huge Thank-You to you for supporting us in 2013, I have something special (truly sent from a place of love!) which will drop in your inbox in exactly five days on 6th Jan…

For now, though, here’s the latest bevy from our friends:

Waterfront St Mawes 6Ben Taffinder‘s exhibition which had a great turnout on 28th is still running until 5th. We sold almost half on the opening night, but there are still some pieces on his page of the website. Check them out when you get a moment; they’re truly magnificent.

I’ve also had Robin Mason pop in with a new collection of work. Eight superb pieces were bought down and many of them have found homes – one didn’t even get here before being sold on-route! Anyway, enjoy those and the Podcast with Ben and Robin I did on that evening (apologies for the sound and picture quality) (note to self: choose a better location!)

vitaly_makarov-beforetherain-710Andrew Tozer was supposed to be with us at that get-together as well but had a serious case of Man-flu (the worst disease know to… well, man, I guess!) I’m delighted he’s feeling better now though but his popularity with the new collection he bought in at the end of November doesn’t seem like waning though. Sublime.

As you’ll have noticed, I’ve now added the zoom feature you asked for to the website and it seems to be going down VERY well. You can really get a good close up of most of our works now and on some of the more textured works, like Vitaly Makarov and Ben Taffinder it’s especially useful.

jose_salvaggio-soleil a l'ile en Rigault copyClaire Henley bought in a cracking one of St Mawes – worth a butchers for all you Mawsers – and a brand new Ilric Shetland; one of his rare crashing seascapes… so iconic and powerful.

VicentePelegeroAgusti-GranadellaCreekXabia-710Our online International artists repertoire is growing day by day. You’ve probably seen the astonishing works by Russian artists, Vitaly Makarov and our amazing Italian/French artist, José Salvaggio. Well, we’ve appended their work recently with Spanish Artist, Vicent Pelegero Agustí. His fresh, clean works depicting the Spanish landscape are just wondrous and another great addition to our online International stable of artists.

But don’t worry; the gallery’s heart is still focussed on local work. We’re just hoping to give international artists a voice with an exclusive contract with The Harbour Gallery. Our aim is to bring selected works for you from artists around the world who have the same eye as the rest of the gallery.

michael_richardson-Spring Afternoon Sennen CoveSo I hope you enjoy them all as this is just the start. Keep an eye on the ‘International Artists’ tab on the website’s menu. To kick us off, and for a limited period, we have the works of Vitaly and José in the gallery, too. Just beautiful.

Lastly, I would like to welcome Michael Richardson to the THG team. Michael is a hugely respected painter and a member of the Wapping Group of artists. We’re delighted to have two of his recent Cornish pieces in at present and he’s offered to paint especially for you here on the Roseland during 2014. So keep your eyes peeled for those!

ilric_shetland-VisibilityPoor-710So there it is for now. As mentioned, I’ll be back in your inbox in five days. Until then, thank you so very much for your custom in 2013. You’ve truly made it a most magnificent year for THG and we hope we’ll continue to grow along with your tastes in 2014.

For now, though, if who’ve had a challenging year, I sincereIy wish you a hugely uplifting 2014… you deserve it! And if you had a great one, here’s to continued happiness and success for the coming twelve months!



December 2013


Language has been somewhat on my mind this month; or more importantly, the way we use it. I spend way too much time on Facebook, I know, and the circulars there are becoming rather tiresome: ‘Beat Crime’, ‘Fight Cancer’, or bizarrely, ‘Beat Bullying’??! One banner only this week proudly proclaimed; ‘I want to live my life without stress and worry. I don’t need to be rich and famous, I just want to be happy’. Well why not BE happy then, was my only thought (and comment). Surely, for most of us, happiness is a choice…. isn’t it (see video below)?

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