January 2016

January Newsletter

whispersMy wife, Susanne, and I have a conversation that has become a New Year’s tradition. I always ask her what she’d like me to change about myself for the New Year, to make her life easier and improve our relationship, and she always answers: “Nothing!”

Despite it being the sweetest reaction, I always decide to secretly change something about myself that I know irritates her. Not because I think it’s necessary, not because I feel I should, but because I know it’ll improve our relationship… after all, isn’t that what we all want?

exhibition-smNew Year’s resolutions are great, but I feel if we announce our intentions to the world, we lay our selves open to criticism if we have an ‘off day’ – which invariably happens on long term commitments. It’s for this reason I decide to make my pledges secret. It holds the power with me and if I do have an off day, I’m the only one who notices it.

andrew_tozer-More than anything in this complicated world I think we need to consider our place in it. So with that in mind, I’m also going to make one secret pledge with myself. A pledge to secretly change something about myself to allow me to be more open and accepting of others: my little contribution to world peace. Maybe you’d like to join me?

robinmasonAnyway, whatever your pledge for the New Year, I want to wish you all success. Not just with that, but with all your life holds. And sincere thanks for all you’ve done to make 2015 such a special one for myself, for the gallery and all our incredible artists.

ben_taffinderWhich brings me smoothly onto their awesomeness! The ‘Winter in Cornwall‘ was a huge success and despite the weather, we had a superb turnout. I will be closing the gallery from 4th to 14th but all our works remain online, as do the few pieces we have left from this exhibition. You can see those by clicking here.

joe_armstrongI’m itching to tell you of the exciting news the gallery has in store in March, but will wait for February’s newsletter for that (well, I have to keep to my promise of holding secrets back!) But despite some erratic opening hours in January (see website for updates if you’re thinking of popping in) I will be available to open up for you if you’re thinking of passing by. Just email mark@theharbourgallery.co.uk beforehand and we can make a date.

andrew_thomasAs for new works, well Andrew Tozer blessed us with 11 superb pieces just before Christmas. Many have already sold, but you can see the other beauties here. Robin Mason is back up to full speed and we’ll be getting some new pieces from him very soon.

TKWagstaffBen Taffinder‘ll be kicking off the 2016 exhibitions at the end of March with his annual knees-up. Excited about that already! And that smashin’ Joe Armstrong‘s been keeping us stocked up, too. And if that’s not exciting enough, Mike Hindle popped in in December to bring us 3 or 4 newbies. Check those corkers out here.

Many have been drooling over Andrew Thomas‘ exquisite sculptures so we hope you have time to check out this multi award-winning sculptor’s works on his page. And on the subject of sculptors, Terrence and Katrina Wagstaff have been selling like hot-cakes at our sister galleries at Scarlet & Bedruthan hotels. Their new male torso has been delighting the Christmas guests… wanna know why? Check it out here.

stephen_higtonAnd we must mention the incredible Stephen Higton as well, who supplied us with some gems in December. You can see those here.

Anyway, I won’t take up your valuable New Year. You’ll find all our artist’s work on their respective pages and we expect new works in from many of them during January, so do take the time to pop in or follow us on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+ feeds for all the latest additions.

For now, have a superb 2016 and good luck with your resolutions! Thanks again for making 2015 such a special one for us all. You’re just the BEST!



December Newsletter

califrustrationWhilst on holiday, I’ve been monitoring how and when I get irritated. And having nailed it down, I’ve found that nearly all the time it’s because something that seems obvious to me, another simply doesn’t understand.

Take map reading, for example. A subject associated with many couple’s arguments (which the magnificent Sally SatNav has gone a long way to solving, thank heavens!). I become irritated when something as simple as this for me to comprehend, my beautiful wife seems incapable of… or, in my eyes, unwilling to learn… read more.



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