October 2013

October 2013

edloInspired by two of our favourite customers (the list of which includes you, of course! ;0-) Ed & Lorraine (EdLo), who got married this month (congrats, guys!) I got round to thinking about love. A heady subject, I know. But after nearly 13 years of wonderful marriage, the true meaning of the word ‘Love’ intrigues me.

ben_taffinderFilm and media seem quite obsessed with the act of ‘falling in love’, which in my mind at least, couldn’t be further from the depth of the word’s true meaning. That intoxicating emotional surge we all feel towards someone when falling for them seems to belittle the actual meaning of the word; so much so, I wonder why we don’t have another for that sublime emotional roller-coaster.

andrew_tozerLove is the hard stuff; it’s putting up with someone when they’re almost unbearable; it’s finding the energy to care when you’re on your last legs yourself; it’s believing in them and supporting their journey even though you think it might not be the right path for them at this point in their lives.

Of course, it’s also just being with them and enjoying the silence together, or knowing what each other is thinking across a crowded party and smiling knowingly. But this is the stuff of hard work and endurance after life throws you curve ball after curve ball… but it’s worth it.

john_raynesFor me, even after our 13 relatively short years of marriage, I’m starting to understand what love is and, more importantly, where I stand in relation to it. But the benefits…? Well it ain’t ‘arf satisfying when you get to grips with it, and I think it beats ‘falling in love’ hands down. So here’s to you, EdLo, and your wonderful ‘love’ together! Can’t wish you enough happiness through life’s challenges.

Ben Taffinder has been topping the charts this month. You just can’t seem to get enough of that boy. So much so that we’ve agreed to put on a wonderful Christmas exhibition of some new works here in the gallery. That will be between Christmas and New Year, so if you’re around (or can make it down!) it’ll be well worth your while.And whilst on the subject of challenges; I’ve been lashing the backs of my artists this month, as their works have been selling like hot cakes again in another record September. I can hardly believe we’ve done more this month than in August last year, so thanks sooo much to everyone who continues to support our wonderful artists and us.


And of course, the irrepressible Andrew Tozer has been supremely saleable… what’s new! We’re looking forward to getting a new batch of his work in any day now, so if you’re a Facebooker of part of the Twitteraty, then keep an eye on our posts… as always, they’ll be posted there once I’ve uploaded them onto the website!

ilric_shetlandOur last exhibition of the year at St Anthony’s Paraffin Store was fabulous. Lynn Golden‘s four pieces were beautiful  and Ilric Shetland‘s work, as usual, was just awesome (and I don’t use that word lightly). Powerful work with such depth, he never ceases to amaze me. And there are one or two smaller, more affordable pieces in the collection, too, so if you’d like to start your Shetland collection, crack on!I was delighted that this stunning John Raynes left us just this week, so I’m excited to see what this exceptionally talented and seasoned Cornish painter will replace that with in the coming weeks… another scoop for you FB & Twitter fans.

hilary_stockHilary Stock’s beautifully crafted Limited Edition Photography has been flying out the door this month, too. In fact we sold three to one lovely couple alone! And as she keeps coming up with lovely new works all the time, I can hardly wait two see the next design she’ll come up with to take pride of place in our window… way to go, Hilary!


Now, the Talented Mr Mason will be headed down our way with a new batch of paintings this coming weekend (like this one… don’t all rush at once!). So great is that’s man’s work that we’ve already sold one and have interest in another, so it’s a case of hesitate and you’ll miss out! Again, our social media and website will explode with Mason-ary any day now… exciting!!!

rachael_mia_allenSo, there it is, another smashin’ month of delights for every taste. And if you’d like to save up for a special painting for a loved one (or yourself) for Christmas, why not take advantage of our contribution buying service or staged payments? A Rachael Mia Allen  Haidee-Jo SummersPhil Johns, the lovely Jill Hudson (who is the subject of this months Podcast) or a David Gray  et al, is only a click away. And it’s such a manageable way to increase your art collection when it’s done in small monthly bites, don’t you think? Just email me and we’ll get your payment plan set up!

For now, though, toodle pip, me hearties!


P.S. Please be aware I’m now closed on both Mondays and Tuesdays, but am always available by mobile if you’d like to pop in/chat during those days: 0752 7777 416


September 2013

euromillionsI’ve been trying to get my head around the obsession with winning money we have in this country (and world-wide, I imagine). I remember recently commenting, “I’m glad I didn’t win it.” on someone’s Facebook post about their envy at someone else winning £165m on the Euro Millions: a comment they just couldn’t fathom… read more



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