July 2017

July 2017

tottyHaving had to make the excruciating decision to put our beloved dog Totty down earlier this month, one of the hardest emotions my head had to grapple my heart on was forgiveness: what gives me the right to take another’s life so swiftly and easily?

stephen_higtonNo matter how hard the head works to tell us it’s the most compassionate and respectful thing to do, our hearts were heavy with indecision.

Euthanasia is a subject that’s clear in most people’s mind and, unless someone is particularly religious, it’s rare I meet someone who is against it. But even then, the decision to act upon it plays profoundly on our hearts and minds.

claire_henleyIn trying to ease my heavy heart, I can only ask myself what life is. More than just physically breathing and having brain activity, surely life in its true form has to be greater than that. Presence, enjoyment, painlessness; these are words that surely must define quality of life and when anyone is robbed of these in the long term, isn’t it more respectful to let them go?

andrew_allansonWe consider nature brutal, but by denying the infirm that perfect order because of domesticity, isn’t euthanasia just a more ‘humane’ way of delivering what otherwise nature would have handed down more cruelly?

I doubt society will discuss this sensitive subject any time soon, but as my heart is now slowly realising, being able to deny my faithful friend the indignity of dementia was the greatest gift I could have bestowed on such a beautiful soul and, however hard, I was grateful for the opportunity showing my deep love for her 15 years of friendship in that way. Rest in peace, my love.

hilary_stockSo before I get on to the bevy of beauty that has entered our realms this month, I want to thank everyone who voted for what we can now proudly proclaim as ‘The Best Gallery in Cornwall!’ Yes, thanks to your votes, we won this coveted title against all the odds and some heavyweight competition, so thank you! It means so much being a public vote.

harbourgallery-charity-tour-logoNow, my question to you is: how would you like The best gallery in Cornwall to visit you this autumn? Yes, The Harbour Gallery is hitting the road and we’re looking for partners in the South West who would like to have a charity exhibition evening in their locale. 15% of the evening’s takings will be donated to your chosen charity and we’ll give you all the promotional materials, too.

peter_symondsAll you need do if provide a suitable location and refreshments for the exhibition evening and, of course, invite as many art-lovers to your event to maximise donations for your charity. Places are limited as we’re only taking on a handful of dates between October and November, so do get in touch if this is something you’d like to take advantage of… and who knows, we might even persuade one of our artists to turn up, too!

neilcarrolMore info on this exciting new commitment can be found by clicking here. Alternatively, just give me a call on 01872 580807 or drop me an email and we can discuss how you could be part of this wonderful outreach tour this autumn.

Right, now on to the sweet stuff. And first off I want to introduce you to another astonishing artists who has agreed to join THG’s powerful stable. Neil Carroll is one of the best self-taught painters I know and his work has excited me for years. One of his recent paintings was selected for the Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition and I managed to persuade him to join us a few months ago so he’s been busy painting these for us since then.

imogen_boneI hope you’ll enjoy his work in-the-flesh when you’re next here but in the mean time, please do take a moment to look at the work we have online… you’ll be glad you did!

julian_masonAnd talking of new work, the inimitable Imogen Bone has just added two large pieces to her collection with us. The last two sold within days of each other, so I recommend getting in quick if you love her work as much as I do. The brilliant Julian Mason has just added 13 new pieces to his collection, too, and one sold within minutes of them going live, so if you’re quick, you might just get a look at the rest before they sell!

joe_armstrongThat splendid Stephen Higton has delivered another 3 incredible pieces to replace his sales last month and that irresistible Joe Armstrong popped in with this little beauty, painted at his Fisherman’s Shelter exhibition this year. What a corker, eh?

penny_germanAnd on the subject of Fisherman’s Shelter exhibitions, the photo queen, Hilary Stock, will be in on 21st – 23rd July, followed by the lovely Penny German on 28th to 30th. Why not put those dates in your diary for your next visit? As usual there’s a drinks open evening the first days from 6.30pm and then the girls will be there from 11am – 4pm to meet you. Hope you can make it!

robinmasonThe lovely Ann Kelly came down with her good friend and killer painter, Andrew Allanson last week. It was lovely to see them both but even more lovely to get lots of new work from them. You can see the results of that on their respective pages.

ben_taffinderLastly that cheeky Robin Mason will be dropping in new work very soon to replace his sales this month and that unstoppable Ben Taffinder is constantly delivering newbies to keep his stock buoyant, too. So take a moment to check out those popular fellas, why don’cha? And don’t forget (how could you!) Claire Henley, either. Boy that girl’s good!

So there it is. Stock flying out the door and new work coming in all the time in this very busy season, so if you see something you like, just drop me a line or click that PayPal button… you know it make sense!!!

Best wishes, me hearties, from Cornwall’s bestest gallery ;0-)



June 2017

silentprotest-smI’m not sure I can remember a time when the world has been so politically divided. It’s a subject I want to avoid here… especially given recent events, but what does give me hope for us all is when people remain peaceful when all around chaos ensues.

There are the many world renowned peace icons like Buddha, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela; people who’ve gone on to inspire millions with their teachings, words and peaceful actions.

SBut in this world of social media, I am most moved by the simple actions of one person that inspires waves of followers. They are the ones that create iconic pictures that resonate for generations…  read more



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