May 2021

One of the hardest parts of my job is having to send rejection letters to artists wanting to work with us. A downside of having a high profile, especially online, is the volume of requests I get from upcoming artists looking for representation.

Having been in the music industry for so many years, I’m only too aware of how hard it is to being declined after putting so much work and passion into something you’ve created. It’s the reason I make sure I send artists an upbeat reply and quickly, so as not to suspend their expectations too long.

I’ve had enough harsh ‘don’t give up your day-job’ rejections to know how damaging flippant ‘dear John’s’ can be so I’m keen to point out that mine is only one opinion and this goes across the board for a rejection in any part of life.

Rejections can be powerfully down heartening, but they should be used more as a way of strengthening our reserve and energising our determination to keep going, not give us an excuse to give up and hide under a blanket.

Rejections are purely the universe saying ‘No, not with them and not today’ not ‘No, not at all’. Take it from someone who has to send rejection letters sometimes up to three times a week. There are so many factors that lead to a No! and the quality of someone’s talent sometimes isn’t even in question. Price, availability, subject matter and, yes, sometimes talent (but only in my eyes) are just some of the many factors I have to turn artists down. But every time it’s with a heavy heart and I’m flattered they’ve chosen us to represent them.

So if you’re someone else who is brave enough to put your heart on your sleeve and approach someone with your talents (or any job interview), whatever their reply, remember it’s only them and only today, not everyone and forever. Keep being brave: keep pushing the boundaries and keep putting yourself out there. This is how we grow as people and forge new beginnings for our lives. In truth, this is what life is all about.

Righteo, loads to get through but first up, the fab Robin Mason started his 2021 exhibition yesterday so you’ll find him in the Fisherman’s Shelter today and Sunday from 11am – 4pm. And when we’ve cleaned up Robin’s crips and biscuit wrappers, Penny German will be in there from Fri 28th May, so hope you can make one or more of ’em!

And I’m delighted to introduce you to our newest recruit, Joe Webster. Joe’s incredibly dynamic use of acrylic and water-based paints was what brought his work to my attention (apart from being an all-round nice fella) and having studied here in Falmouth and living fairly locally, I just couldn’t resist having him paint for you. You can see his entire collection – quite literally, hot off the easel – and biography here.

OK, so let’s race through the impressive lineup of new work from our fab artists kicking off with Julian Mason, who delivered a collection of seven incredible pieces and they’re already selling well! The colourful Jamel Akib added three spectacular bird portraits to his page and more local work is on its way very soon, too!

Mike Hindle has been a busy fella painting another killer collection for your delectation and the maestro of the watercolours, John Hopkins added two gorge newbies to his page over and above the many commissions we’ve had for him.

The queen of the camera, Hilary Stock has outdone even herself with a sparkling new batch of limited edition triptychs and nine-block artworks for you and The Hig never disappoints with his steady flow of work. Gotta be quick, though, Stephen Higton‘s work is selling before it even gets to the gallery!

Philip Tyler set aside a chunk of time to paint some cloudscapes that’d astonish the Gods and there’re some whopping online-only exclusives on his page, too! And talking about amazing the Gods, Ilric Shetland has blown us all out the water with his massive and awe-inspiring new seascape that has to be seen to be believed!

And to finish off what has been a groundbreaking month of delights, Andrew Allanson replaced the seven that sold almost overnight with this mind-boggling collection. Best move fast, though as these’re going as quickly. And our cuddly and ever popular Claire Henley has been replacing her sales with even more scrummy work. Can’t ask for more than that!

We have some new artists painting for us as I write, so I hope to bring news of them very soon and I believe the impasto king, Ben Taffinder, will have new work on his page on Tuesday, so keep yer eyes peeled for those. For now, though, have a fabulous May bank holibobs and Joanna, Deborah and I look forward to seeing you in-house very soon!

Toodle Pip,


Mark David Hatwood FRSA


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