August 2020

I was walking with a friend over some beach rocks the other day and could see them getting into a worse and worse predicament, and it occurred to me then what an interesting metaphor that was for life.

From time to time, from our vantage points, we can see friends and loved ones veering into sticky situations. It’s one thing to give them a little word of advice about their chosen route, but it’s a whole other to physically go over and drag them back from what we consider an inadvisable course.

I don’t have children, but I imagine that must be one of the hardest things a parent has to learn. As your offspring, you’re hard-wired to protect them from danger, but at some point in life you know you have to step back and let them make their own mistakes.

That doesn’t mean we should be quiet when we see our loved ones start down a sticky path – we should all share advice with our kin, even (or maybe especially) if it isn’t always welcomed at that moment. But once said, we must let them go their own way and be there for them if/when they fail. I guess that’s one of the ways we show our compassion.

Writer, Jessica Hatchigan said, “There’s an important difference between giving up and letting go.” and equally true is author Mandy Hales’ quote: “Sometimes a ‘mistake’ can end up being the best decision you ever make.”

OK, for those who enjoy these musings, the BBC Cornwall have asked me to create some for airing. These will run live on Tues-Thurs next week but they can also be heard on their website here from Monday. Hope my own voice doesn’t dampen the impact of the words ;0-)

Today is the last day of Hilary Stock‘s Fisherman’s Shelter exhibition in Portscatho. Featuring the first artworks that can be used in more sensitive areas of the house, like bathrooms and patios, she’s created a fab new collection that has to be seen.

Additionally we have our last two Shelter exhibitions coming up in the next couple of weeks. The first with our sister-website star, Julie Brunn is gonna be a winner. Her sales over on are mind-boggling, so I hope you’ll enjoy this first one with THG. This will be on Sat 7 & Sun 8. Sadly,  due to the new rules on gatherings, Friday evening drinks won’t be possible. Sorry!

Then on 21st – 23rd August we have everyone’s favourite, Claire Henley in the shelter. She’ll be there during the day on Friday Saturday and Sunday from 11am – 4pm Saturday. Hope you can make one or more of them!

As for new works, let’s kick off with our woodcrafter, Howard Moody. He brought in a super new collection for you which can be seen on his page of our website.

The Hig sent in a few new ones and have already stared selling,. so make sure you visit Stephen Higton‘s page asap, so as not to lose out. And despite a sell-out exhibition, Penny German still has one or two new works on her page, but you better move fast!

The powerhouse that is Lucy Davies has added a new collection of work to both her in-house and online works… and boy are they goodly! And Angela Uren has been busy finishing a whopping commission for a customer. Not resting on those laurels though, she also sent in some beautiful new pieces for us as well.

Jill Hudson, who we’ve lost to the seas for a few weeks, brought in some killer new pieces to replace her sales. Some have those have gone already so better shimmy over pretty sharpish. And talking of sales, Jenny Aitken whose sold-out virtual exhibition kept us busy, has just delivered some incredible new pieces. So always worth checking those out.

Phew, stay with us, cos the lovely Mary Allen added some unbelievable paintings to her page… really, I kid you not! And following his exhibition last weekend, Jamel Akib has stocked us up with even more works on his page. Just sooooo scrummy!

Mr Taffinder has been popping in every few days to replace his sales… is it possible for Ben‘s work to get any better? Sublime! And even Mike Hindle popped over from his new home in France with an exceptional collection. I think these will fly tho, so don’t dilly dally!

Friends Ann Kelly and Andrew Allanson dropped in last Saturday with some stunning new paintings (one from each of which sold back to back!) and Andrew has added some utterly delightful limited edition sculptures to his works… and very reasonably priced they are, too, so check these out here.

And to finish off this novel of a newsletter, Robin Mason drove all the way from Tamworth and back again, just to drop off his new paintings. Not often we get some still lifes from him, but they’re droolingly-good… he can paint, that fella!

So there it is. Thanks for bearing with me and getting here. I hope it’s been worth it. Don’t forget, we can help with some staged payments, or for wedding and birthday gifts, a contribution buying painting, or even a voucher. We’re here to help, whatever your needs.

Till then, from myself, Deborah, Joanna and all the THG artists, enjoy your summer and thanks for making July an all-time record month for sales in THG central! We all feel blessed by your support.

Stay safe



July 2020

I was on an RSA fellow’s webinar the other day, explaining what I was up to with regards my philanthropic activities and was later berated for ‘offending’ another by an analogy I’d used. This had me considering how easy it is these days to offend another and how should we react when confronted with it?

It doesn’t matter what we do in life, there’ll always be someone who could feel offended by what we do or say… read more

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