October 2020

I had something taken from me the other day. For 24 hours I was quite taken aback and felt angry, deflated and used. It took a few hours of musing about my loss until I realised that the only thing that was damaged was my own ego.

In truth, we don’t ‘own’ anything, like we can’t own the air we breathe. We become custodians of something for period of time which is traditionally given to us or traded in exchange for our good ‘fortune’.

I would happily give to anyone who asked if their need was more need my own, so (as is my belief) the emotional upheaval of having something taken from me I saw as an opportunity for me to learn about myself.

When we associate ownership to something, we instantly have something to lose, so the taking of that something becomes a personal aggrievement. But isn’t that how all national wars (or personal ones) are started: a country (or person) taking something (liberty, land, a way of life) from another?

I realised then that by disassociating myself from ownership of anything, my chances of being damaged and aggrieved by the loss of any custodianship was disconnected, too, and I felt freer and more open to change.

I doubt I’ll be able to apply this to everything, all the time, but the realisation for me of the stark difference between ownership and custodianship was quite a revelation and will, I believe, make me a calmer person in the face of adversity.

Interestingly enough, once I’d made that realisation and learnt that lesson, the person who had (mistakenly it turned out) taken the item, rang me to apologise and returned it… hmmm. Thank heavens there’s truth in Jefferson Smith’s words: “Wisdom cannot be stolen – it can only be shared.”

Right, before I kick off with this month’s delights, I just wanted to celebrate the publication of THG’s fourth coffee table book, A Fourth Year of Thoughts and Pictures. Like the other three, it is 52 pages of my musings with our fab artist’s images and this year it even has a gloss interior making the images truly pop! I spoil you. Anyway, click here to order your copy and email me if you’d like multiple ones for pressies and I’ll do you a deal, govn’r ;0-)

Now I just know how you like Penny German‘s work and she has just finished 6 superb pieces for you! One sold in a heartbeat but there are still five available if you’re quick enough.

The cuddly Claire Henley painted this scrummy number of summer boats in Portscatho the other day and it’s fresh on the website now!

The Hig has had a flurry of sales this past week and has replaced them as quickly as they’re gone, so do check out Stephen Higton‘s fab new collection here when you have a mo.

And that talented Tom Shepherd painted some new coastal scene for us and, once again, one sold right away, so pop over and see those gorgeous impressionist works asap!

The impressive Mr Taffinder is having to paint like an eel on a skateboard as we’ve literally sold everything he had in stock, but there are still some beautiful new works available here if you shimmy up!

And talking about sell-out, it’s not often Lucy Davies‘ works stay in stock long, but she nipped over with four fab new pieces last week. Once again one sold before I’d even got it on the website, but the others are totes gorge too!

And lastly the Tamworth Tiger, Robin Mason, sent down the M5 two mouthwatering Roseland scenes for your delectation to fill the gaps on his wall, so delight in the magic of his creativity right here, folks!

So there it is, another bumper month of bulging beauties. Keep your eyes peeled on the website for some new works next week from Andrew Allanson as well as more incoming from out stable of stallions!

Deborah and Joanna will be taking the reins for a couple of weeks (did you see what I did there?) as I’m on me hollibobs, but I’m always available by email if you need me. Stay safe and be good to each other. You’re all so lovely!

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September 2020

I’ve always considered the claim ‘In God We Trust’ an interesting one. Whatever your ‘God’ may be (including science), how many of us do actually trust… totally?

When things don’t go our way, we often fight, reject the outcome or get annoyed. A completely human response, I know, but at what point do we realise that it is actually the perfect outcome and let go… read more

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