May 2014

May 2014

givingMy odd mind has been pondering the subject of ‘giving’ this month and I wondered if we sometimes mix up the word ‘giving’ with ‘exchanging’? Let me explain.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen we ‘give’ anything, shouldn’t it be without expectation of anything in return, including even acknowledgment? If not, then surely we’re trading or exchanging?

We’ve been programmed to think that thanking someone is courteous when they give to us, but if someone doesn’t thank us, does that make our giving any less worthwhile? It shouldn’t. So why, then, do we feel disappointed/deflated/angry when our gift (giving a present, holding a door open, letting another driver pass) isn’t received with a thank-you? That old devil… expectation.

andrew_tozerIf we have expectation of a thank-you or acknowledgement for our kind deed, then surely we’re not truly giving at all? It’s a trade or exchange – I give you this: you say thank-you.

True giving asks for nothing (it may get something, but doesn’t ask for, or expect it). And the beauty of this true giving is that when someone doesn’t reciprocate, we’re still left feeling warm about our philanthropy.

Irobin_masont’s a hard thing to do, but why not try it? Next time you stop for someone, or hold a door open for them, allow that ‘gift’ to drift out into the air as pure as the gift it truly is, without expectation. It changes everything. And, after all, wouldn’t enveloping yourself in your own generosity, instead of being left with bitter expectation, just make yours and everyone’s world a nicer place to be in?

ben_taffinderAnd talking of gifts, I want to start by thanking everyone for making last year another huge growth – 56% increase! And to top that, April has been yet another record month. I’m truly humbled by the generosity of your custom and the talents of THG’s artists. So, thank you very much and I hope we can all go from strength-to-strength together.

claire-henleyAnd I can think of no better thank you than to share all the latest from said artists. So, to kick off with, let me welcome Mike Hindle back to THG. Mike was with us when I took over, but due to his work commitments and being away from the area, we decided it best to amicably part company. However, his return with this new style has been HUGELY popular and I’m delighted to say we’ve already sold five of the eight paintings he’s blessed us with this month and more are coming in on Friday. Blimey!

Andrew Tozer has again had a record month not only selling seven in one day, but also eleven in the whole month. We’re having to lash both Mike and Andrew to the yard arm to keep us in stock!

rachael_mia_allenRobin Mason has had an exceptional month, too. Many commissions bought in and others gone out, so what with getting stock together for the 29th-31st May exhibition at the Fisherman’s Shelter in Portscatho, he’s had to be on the ball. I can’t wait to share the paintings he’s doing for that with you. They’re all magnificent! They’ll be live on the open evening on May 29th, so if you can’t be there, make sure to check out his page of the website then for a sneak preview.

Ben Taffinder’s been kept busy by sales, too. We’ve had to drag him away from his new house renovations to keep us stocked but as soon as they came in, they were sold… both times within 15 minutes! Anyway, some newbies in this week, so have a butchers at them when you get a moment.

stephen_higtonSo, what with Claire Henley s popular Hidden Hut and Treloan Campsite Giclée prints and cards (and a couple of commissions), Rachael Mia Allen‘s stunning new paintings just in, Ann Kelly & Stephen Higton’s fresh Roseland based works it’s been an extremely busy month.

Oh, and the lovely Haidee-Jo Summers came over with some new work as well, so I nabbed her for this month’s Podcast. Typical, I managed to do it with the phone the wrong way round and in the wind, but the content (despite my incompetence) is fabulous, so enjoy that!

OK, I’ll let you get back to your day. Again, thanks sooooo much for your custom and support over the past year and here’s to another year of growth both here and at our sister galleries in the Scarlet and Bedruthan hotels!

Happy Holidays!



April 2014

conversationsI’m often asked by people who read my newsletters if I’m a religious person. The truth is I’m a very spiritual person, but not so much religious. I feel followers of a religion run the risk seeing their guidelines as rules and so often those rules could even become law. Unfortunately rules, by nature, are exclusive and constrictive. Love on the other hand (the root of any religion) is inclusive and free, so I’ve always felt that despite its undeniable import to many people’s lives, there is a possible conflict there.

Call it God, Allah, the universe, whatever your spiritual beliefs (or lack of them) one thing is for sure; when you’re inline with your ‘source’, extraordinary things do happen… read more



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