April 2018

April2018I was pondering the other day on how much we can take the things we have for granted. We can cross the world in hours rather than months; receive mail in seconds rather than weeks; and video-call friends and family instantly.

Technology has given us great power but I suggest that with that great power comes great responsibility. Of course the recent news shows that great responsibility from tech companies clearly needs managing somehow but I feel we should all play a part in that responsibility, too.

ben_taffinderIt’s so easy to criticise with the stroke of a keyboard and complain at a whim… and there’s no question that in our bits and bytes world, the fragments of information we get can easily fuel or challenge our opinions. But how much research do we do before sharing that that (mis)information?

Do we fact-check using great resources like Snopes or FullFact before perpetuating the postings? And moreover, when writing on other’s timelines, do we first ask ourselves whether we’d say the same if we were talking to them face-to-face?

joe_armstrongWe hold a lot of power in our words… we always have. But sharing those words and thoughts in an instant can lead to the temptation of being less responsible with them. And the damage that a lack of forethought can have is untold.

I’m a great believer in the web being free from governmental control but I feel we all have a part to play in its cleanliness and respectability. The more of us who play a part in its control, the less we’ll need to rely on others to do it for us and surely that can only be a good thing?

robinI’m delighted to announce the opening of this year’s Fisherman’s Shelter exhibition with Robin Mason. When you receive this, the open evening would have just passed and Robin will be there from 11am – 4pm today (Sunday 1st April) and on Bank Holiday Monday.

That lovely fella would love to meet you if you’re in Cornwall, but if not, his magnificent collection can be viewed online by clicking here… and well worth the journey it is, too!

hester_berryDespite all four of them gearing up for their own private exhibitions both in-house and in the Shelter, Ben, Joe, Stephen and Hester have graced us with new works this month and what blinders they are!

Ben bought in 5 new works and one of them had so much interest, it sold within two days. The others are just as accomplished and as his still life works are the fastest to sell, I’d pop over to his page if you want to see those before they fly!

stephen_higtonJoe Armstrong popped in (before his swim!!! Barking!) and dropped off five beautiful newbies just this week. They’re now live on his page and well worth a butchers. Sublime colours!

I can’t believe how popular Hester Berry‘s works are. Of course I knew she’d be a superb asset to both the Harbour Gallery and our sister website, BritishContemporary.art, but with six sales this month (as I write) and we’re not even in the season, I suspect her shelter exhibition will be a sell out.

claire_henleyAnyway, despite already preparing for her July shelter exhibition, two new pieces came in last week, so we’re back to a full compliment in The Harbour Gallery at least. These two beautiful scenes of Devon and Edinburgh are well worth the viewing.

The inimitable Stephen Higton has emailed over four blinders to refresh his page. They came in on Thursday so check out those cheeky Roseland scenes on his page. As a reminder, his exhibition follows Hester’s in the first week of August so make sure to put that in yer diary!

ilric_shetlandAnd lastly, how could we finish a THG newsletter without mentioning the FAB Claire Henley and the Godfather of seascapes, Ilric Shetland? Claire has been painting Spring for us (as it should be) so pop over and check those beauties out on her page! And the steam-train that is Mr Shetland has delivered an incredible new seascape, so take a moment to view that beauty, whydon’tcha?

OK, as mentioned, all the in-house, shelter (and this year two at Hotel Tresanton) dates are live here on our news and exhibition page. And I look forward to introducing you to a new artist who is painting for us at this very moment!

For now, though, enjoy your Easter weekend and hope to see and/or hear from you soonest!

Cheers and gone!



March 2018

giving-smMy wife and I are often astounded when people who ask for business advice are surprised by the open, honest and unguarded answers they receive. For us, sharing our hard-earned knowledge is not only important, but makes complete sense.

There are no truly original ideas in the world. Ideas are made up of a mixture of things already in existence that are modified, combined and restructured to make something new. As such, we both believe that sharing information with those who’re interested and then watching how it manifests it another’s hands. It’s not just fascinating, but life affirming… read more



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