November 2017

November 2017

thoughtful-smI was truly flattered when the smashin’ Cornwall Today team said they want to publish a condensed version of my monthly newsletters in their lovely mag from Jan 2018. Although it can get quite lonely out here in cyberspace, it is heartwarming when my musings are appreciated like this, or even more so when I’m told something touches someone ‘just at that moment’.

julian_masonA simple word or sentence can so often reach us just when we need it most and those words can have a transformative influence on our lives. I often find myself feeding off those small, ‘coincidental’ and timely words when they drop into my life, too.

We all have busy lives and rarely get chance to stop and take stock – jill_hudsonI’m probably worse than most on this front. But only last month, just as I was feeling really quite exhausted with the world, my ex girlfriend shared a few simple words that carried such resonance, they made me stop in my tracks.

For many months I’ve been so busy with life, I hadn’t realised how ‘out-of-touch’ with myself I’d become. ben_taffinderHer simple, calm and compassionate words made me literally reassess where I was at that moment and what I was doing, and it felt like that last piece of the jigsaw had dropped back into place.

It can happen anywhere and everywhere: an overheard word on another table, a sentence we read in a book at a vulnerable moment… inspiration is abundant and we only need to be aware to find ours. In the past, I’ve even forced it by opening a book at a certain page and read one sentence to ponder over.

joe_armstrongI think there’s truth in the old adage: when the student’s ready, the master will appear. So if you’re anything like me and need a little pepping up and don’t have a learned ex girlfriend to hand, I highly recommend trying one of the above. Listen hard and stay open. You’ll know when you hear it…

…or as the X-Files tagline proclaimed: The truth is out there!

angela_uren-BlueOverGerransBay1-710OK, we have a ton of stuff to get through this month but first up, I want to introduce you to an astonishing new addition to THG’s stable of supreme beings! Angela Uren has been on my radar for months and I’m delighted she’s agreed to join us by painting four incredible local scenes. You can see these and read more about her by clicking here.

hilary_stockLast week we had another killer collection from the inimitable Julian Mason. Truly superb work but as his go zip-fast, I’d drop in to his page soonest, folks! Additionally, that delightful Jill Hudson came in with some staggering working-boat paintings. You can almost feel the wind in your hair in these crackers!

Ben Taffinder has been selling like hot cakes again and bringing in new work at the drop of a hat, so have a butchers at his newbies and keep your eyes peeled for more very soon. And that clever Joe Armstrong did incredibly well in his exhibition last week. He’s bought in more, too, to replace those that sold… well, we do like to keep him on his toes!

tom_marshAnd the lovely Hilary Stock‘s been keeping us on our toes as well. Not only has she created some stunning new themes including these ever more popular slimline 3-block works, she’s been appending her classic 9-block range with some wonderful new collections. Pop in and check those beauties out, whydon’tcha?

claire_henleyOh and before I dash off, charming Tom Marsh came down last week and bought in some cracking new pieces for us. Our Cornish weather gave the poor fella a decent soaking, but he endured and produced for us anyway… what a sterling chap! And to finish off, everyone’s favourite, Claire Henley has just sent down some superb new pieces, one of the iconic St Mawes Gig club’s home amongst others. I doubt they’ll last the week!

freedeliveryAnd finally, as a pre-Christmas gift to everyone, Deborah and I want to offer you all free delivery on anything you purchase from today until 15th December 2017. Yes, we’ve got our Christmas hats firmly on already… and unashamedly, too! Have a cracking month ahead, you lovely people, you!



October 2017

TrudyMeet new gallery dog, Trudy! She is a blessing to Susanne and me in many more ways than just friendship. Having had a harsh first two years of her life, what I found the biggest gift is the speed in which this beautiful Romanian street-dog blessed us with her trust.

When she first came to us, only 10 days ago (at the time of writing) she was very anxious of everything. Having only experienced a roof over her head 3 weeks previously, everything was new to her: people, sounds, household electrics, even/especially the TV… read more



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