February 2017

February 2017

hosedown-smI recently shared an uplifting local story of dog that fell overboard and swam 2 miles to shore before eventually being reunited with its owner. The story went viral and made me wonder why sharing purely good news isn’t considered ‘press-worthy’, whereas the salacious kind dominates our news.

robin_masonSome studies suggest we feel a need to react quickly to potential threats, so bad news might be a signal to our subconscious that we need to change our life to avoid danger. Maybe that’s why the press take the charming baseline of: “if it bleeds, it leads”?

joe_armstrongHowever, a recent Huffington post survey showed an upturn in positive news sharing on Social Media and as this is becoming more of our source for news, I wonder if the power of the Internet will change traditional news mediums in future?

hilary_stockI suspect we all have our own threshold with regards ‘negative’ news. I have some quite spiritual friends who have left Facebook (especially) because of its negativity, and others who revel in salacity. But will the tide turn?

I am certainly guilty of reading and reacting to humanity’s failings, especially recently. But afterwards I feel a dire need to hose down my soul; not a great example for someone who yearns for and promotes a better phil_johnsworld, I grant you, but that’s the truth of it.

I’m sorry to say I have no pearls of wisdom for this quandary but I do know that the press’s frenzy to find sensationalist stories to keep our readership isn’t helping us. I feel we all have a responsibility to find the truth in what we read before we share it and I’m delighted that websites like Snopes and FullFact/PolitiFact are there to help us with that arduous task.

mike_hindleNevertheless, the child in me wishes I could partake of the rich and sweet puddings of human endeavour without having to first endure the meat and two veg of bemired controversy to need relief from. Bon Appétit to that, and let’s raise a glass to universal dietary improvements, eh?

So how’re things hotting up in THG central? Well, I’m delighted to announce the dates of this year’s Fisherman’s Shelter Exhibitions. jenny_aitkenKicking off with the inimitable Robin Mason on 15th April, we have five others throughout the season including Joe Armstrong, Hilary Stock, Mike Hindle (with special guest… more on that next month!), Jenny Aitken and to end the summer, Claire Henley.

Additionally, we have a in-house exhibition with the wondrous Ben Taffinder from 28th April for a week, so if you’re here for the first May Bank holiday, you’re in luck. Glimpse of the seaAs always, though, all exhibition pieces will go online a day or two before, so put your fav in your diary and get first dibs on the delights they’ll have on offer! You can find all the dates on our News page.

As mentioned in my last newsletters, I’m exceptionally excited to be working with three or four new artists this year, all of whom are painting for us at this moment. Additionally we’ll have our first online-onlyben_taffindery American artist joining us soon, who, along with the magnificent Angel Angelov, will be expanding our international portfolio. I spoil you!

New works have just been put up on the website from that splendid Stephen Higton, whose popularity seems to be holding fast even throughout the cooler January months, and that smashin’ Joe Armstrong has been painting away for us, too. angel_angelovYou can see his uplifting work here.

We’re down to our last four large Phil Johns‘ works now, so if you want to take advantage of the final paintings from this talented artist, now’s the time. And that fine Neil Bolton added some now works in January as well, so feel free to check out those exciting pieces at your leisure.

stephen_higtonWe hope to have some brand new Ben Taffinder‘s in the coming days so keep your eyes peeled on his page, and those astonishing new pieces by Peter Symonds will be in very soon, so available to view in-house throughout February… assuming they last that long!

david_grayLastly, our own David Gray‘s Gig Rowers Outside Club House will be featured on the local Visitor’s Guide this summer and we have the original painting online to buy right now! It’s an iconic image and suspect it won’t hang around long, so get in there quick if you’re a fan of that fella’s unique work!

neil_boltonSo there it is. We’ll be keeping the same January gallery hours throughout the most of February (11am – 1pm & 2pm – 3.30pm) but Deborah will be going back to the summer times during Half-Term week as I’m away in sunny Mexico wth my floral-rockstar wife (well, someone’s got to carry the bags!) Deboarah just won’t be open on Wednesday 8th or 15th but she’peter_symondss always available by phone.

Have a wonderful February, folks, and do keep checking in to the website and our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds as the new artists will be featured there well before March’s newsletter… and I reckon you’re going to be overwhelmed with the beauty of ’em!

For now, have a corkin’ Valentines (btw, we reckon nothing says I love you more than a piece of art ;0-), and look forward to seeing/hearing from you soonest!



January 2017

legacyAs we turn the page on what was a sad year for losses, both for me personally and those in the public domain, one good friend’s death the especially moved many people locally, made me reflect on the power of legacies.

Many of the famous bequest bodies of work that will resonate for generations: from David Bowie to Alan Rickman and Fidel Castro to Mohamed Ali, regardless of our feelings towards them, they will undoubtedly leave powerful legacies…  read more



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