December 2017

dryingup-smThe other day I heard my wife checking the knives I’d just dried and put away. I felt my irritation at being ‘assessed’ build up, but before it spilt over into a rant, I managed to stop and ask myself why she did that.

Our first instinct is to assert blame onto another in any situation, but in this one I was able to think about my part in it before letting instinct kick in. What had I done (or not done) to make her feel she had to check my cutlery drying performance in the first place?

ben_taffinderTrust isn’t a given: it’s something we earn. When we meet people for the first time, we don’t instantly trust them. As we get to know them, we earn that quality. It was at that moment I realised that my cutlery drying skills in the past had been lacklustre at best, so I’d earned that mistrust.

It’s not always possible to stop oneself from knee-jerk reactions, especially when tired, but if we can, and ask ourselves what we’ve done to earn the reflection we’re being given in a situation, if we’re honest, we’ll usually find a personal involvement of some kind.

hester_berryOf course, every situation is different and on many levels we have different levels of perfection (doesn’t bother me much if our cutlery is watermarked) so conflict is understandable. But not taking offence when someone else’s benchmark is higher, or not getting annoyed when another person’s is lower, is the key.

In other words, respecting each other’s barriers and allowing them to have theirs without taking it personally is the key to a respectful and harmonious life together, whatever the relationship. Cos in truth, isn’t it our differences that attract us to someone as much as our similarities?

freedeliveryWell, as usual, we have a huge amount to get through this month, but first up, we have just 15 days to secure a delivery of something for your loved ones for Christmas. We’ve had some wonderful gifts sent out which will be such lovely presents for friends and couples, so make sure you get in touch if you want to take advantage of our free delivery offer this season.

winterWe have our annual Christmas exhibition and street party staring on 28th December. This has been a highlight of the year for so many and with lots of artists traditionally coming, it’s a great way to have a snack, drink and catch-up with your favourite. It’ll start on 28th, but I’ll put the pieces online a few days before and email you as a reminder.

As for new work, we have a ton! Everyone’s favourite, Ben Taffinder, bought in some cracking new works on Wednesday. Like the last batch, I doubt they’ll last long, so check those out sharpish, cherubs.

stephen_higtonWe’ve had some astonishing new works in from the incredible Hester Berry. Those sunsets are sublime! Stephen Higton sent down some new works the other day, too. Almost edible, they’re so goooooood!

Robin Mason is coming in tomorrow with some exceptional new pieces. They’re live now of the website so check those out before someone else does. Believe me, it’ll be worth your while!

robinmasonAnd if that’s not enough for ya, how about some blinding online-only newbies from the painter’s painter, Neil Bolton. They went live this week so have a butchers why don’tcha?

Lastly, with Christmas on the horizon, how about an original Claire Henley stocking-filler for just £75 or £95? She produced 5 x 4″ block paintings and 5 x 6″ block paintings. With just ten block paintings available, clairehenleyyou’d better move fast. The prices include delivery within the UK and once they’re gone, they’re gone, so get yer skates on! Click here to buy one or more!

Right, I’m off to get the Christmas deccos up in the gallery. Always one of the favourite escapades of the year. Makes me feel all gooey inside! Wherever’e may be, have a cracking Christmas and New Year, folks! And thanks so much for all your custom this year. You’re all gorge!



November 2017

thoughtful-smI was truly flattered when the smashin’ Cornwall Today team said they want to publish a condensed version of my monthly newsletters in their lovely mag from Jan 2018. Although it can get quite lonely out here in cyberspace, it is heartwarming when my musings are appreciated like this, or even more so when I’m told something touches someone ‘just at that moment’.

A simple word or sentence can so often reach us just when we need it most and those words can have a transformative influence on our lives. I often find myself feeding off those small, ‘coincidental’ and timely words when they drop into my life, too.… read more



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