August 2015

August Newsletter

malala_yousafzaiBravery appears in many forms. There’s the astonishing, selfless bravery people like Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela displayed when the world was trying to convince them they were wrong. Then there’s the personal bravery of people like Malala Yousafzai after being shot for simply going to school.

ben_taffinderFor me, though, remarkably powerful is one’s own bravery in the face of personal conflict.

Bravery in being honest with a friend or family member when it’s the last thing they want to hear, but the thing they most need to hear is a selfless example of this. As is overcoming our own fears when confronting a serious life issue; saying yes to something when your whole being is screaming ‘no’ at you, or equally, saying no to something when we’re programmed to say yes all the time.

jill_hudsonChallenging ourselves to change our modus operandi can be a daunting prospect and it’s one many of us fail to apply in everyday life… but I think it’s where the value in life resides.

haidee_jo_summersI have a wonderful friend in Germany who is exceptionally honest with people. Does that win her thanks most of the time? No. But her honesty is truly brave because (and usually only much later) does the recipient find that that honesty was so valuable at the time it was given. And she risks alienating herself by doing what’s right, rather than what’s safe.

rachael_mia_allenStrength of this kind is selfless. It’s a great gift to both society and friendships. But what’s more, it’s hugely appreciated in the long run. If you have a friend like this, you’ll know they’re the first person you run to for a truly honest appraisal of whatever it is that you’re finding challenging.

andrew_tozerI wish you the strength to challenge your usual course of action and be honest with what you think’s right, rather than what you feel is expected of you. In the long run, I feel honesty over safety is the most rewarding gift we can bestow and it’s the most beneficial for society… especially when delivered with compassion.

So what’s been happening in the UK’s favourite gallery (probably!)…

robin_masonWell the Fisherman’s Shelter exhibitions have been a huge success and we’ve two more this month for you, as well as an in-house exhibition with the fab Ben Taffinder.

joe_armstrongOn 14th – 16th August, Jill Hudson will grace us with her exhibition at the shelter, followed by Ben’s here in the gallery itself from 21st – 23rd. And to finish off August’s delights, the magnificent Haidee-Jo Summers will be here from 25th – 27th so don’t miss any of those if you can!

T&KWagstaffWe’ve also added a newbie at the shelter in September between 18th and 20th with the awe inspiring Rachael Mia Allen. She’s also come in this week with a few newbies, one of which is on her page of the website already, but I suspect that won’t last long!

ilric_shetlandBen Taffinder is coming in tomorrow with some newbies and he also has 15-20 new ones being framed for us as I write, so his page will be hot, hot, HOT this month, what with the exhibition n’all!

I expect to see some newbies from the superb Andrew Tozer in the coming weeks as we’ve sold most of his larger pieces and Robin Mason sent some incredible new pieces only last week, so make sure you check those out… just ginger-peachy!

peter_wilemanNow, before I continue, I want to put the brakes on and introduce you all to an incredible new talent to the THG stable. Truly local talent, Joe Armstrong approached me this month and it took exactly one second for me to realise how perfect his work was for us. So I did some jiggling to make room for four pieces from him. I just know you’re going to love his exceptional style, so why not drop in and take a closer look for yourself here? It’ll be worth it, I betcha!

andrew_allansonAnd if, like me, you’re a fan of Terence and Katrina Wagstaff’s stunning copper leaf sculptures, you’re gonna love the new male torso they’ve developed, the first of which has been finished only this month. Live on their page here now!

jenny_aitkenLastly, we expect to see some newbies by the maestro that is Ilric Shetland soon. And if that ain’t enough for you, the incredible Peter Wileman will be visiting Portscatho soon to paint for us, so make sure you have a butchers at his work before it flies off the wall!

Oh, and we have new work from Andrew Allanson, Chris Wootton and Hilary Stock on the website along with the wonderful local artists, David Gray. And before I leave you, pop in to Jenny Aitken’s page next week. We’ll have three incredible new pieces from her coming in… and they’re just astonishing!

So there it is, folks. If you can’t make the exhibitions, keep your diary appointment with the respective artist’s pages as the works will go live the day before so you get first dibs at their beautiful work! Till then, have a cracking August and enjoy the weather wherever you are!

Bless ya!



July 2015

writerAfter being quite taken back recently by an unnecessarily harsh critique on social media of one of my artist’s works, it started to dawn on me how maybe our skills of contemplation are being lost because of the urgency of communication these days.A very wise friend of mine once suggested that if I had something negative to write, to lay it out, then sleep on it. Then in the morning, reread before sending. I still hold that as one of the most precious pieces of advice I’ve ever been given… read more.



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