September 2015

September Newsletter

roadsIn the past few weeks, I’ve experienced some exceptionally steep curves in my life. On the one hand, THG has had two of the best months in its history and I’ve been blessed by hearing my newest screenplay has attracted some world-class talent to make it. On the other, news of an illness that one of the closest in my family has been diagnosed with has rocked my core foundations somewhat.

andrew_thomasThat I have been able to take these huge emotional s-bends in my life when approaching them at such heady speeds, though, I can only put down to the traction that my relationship with my wife, Susanne, gives me.

rachael_mia_allenIt’s so easy to be complacent about our partners or confidants when they’re a given every day. But it’s only at times like these that the glue and stability they give us becomes so prevalent. It’s clear that without Susanne, I’d probably have been thrown off track by such torque in my life: the highs having little purpose and the lows becoming unbearable to endure.

jill_hudsonBut how often do we take the time to say thank you to that special person who gives us our essential grounding? Maybe some things don’t need to be said; they’re there in everything we are to each other. But every now and then it’s worth stopping and saying thank you. Thank you for sharing this journey and for simply being there. So, Susanne, this one’s for you. Thank you.

ben_taffinderOK, now as part of THG’s success, I want to share some exceptional news. Two years ago I approached a world-class, multi award-winning sculptor to be part of THG’s stable. At the time he couldn’t commit, but mid month, I had an email from the exceptional Andrew Thomas, asking if my offer was still open.

andrew_tozerNeedless to say, I was over the moon. His work is quite simply extraordinary and I urge you to visit his page of the website right away to see the astonishing array of online-only exclusives we’ve got in his new 3D gallery there. Or come in and see the two stunning pieces we have in-house. They’re magical… and welcome, Andrew!

SONY DSCAdded to that, the supremely popular Rachael Mia Allen has agreed to do one last Fisherman’s Shelter exhibition from 11th to 13th September. The success of this year’s exhibitions have been huge so I’m delighted Rachael has agreed to show her beautiful work in there this coming month. I hope you’ll be able to make it, but if not, as usual, all the pieces will be online for you to get first dibs at on the day. That’s gotta be a diary date, or?

FishermansShelter-710The influx of outstanding work has been incredible this month. Jill Hudson’s exhibition pieces are sublime. Her understanding of boats is second to none, so make a date with her page, too. Ben Taffinder has been using some exceptional colours in his pieces, too. Beetroots, mustards, olives… making me feel rather hungry, the fella!

stephen_higtonThat smashin’ Andrew Tozer’s been in with some superb pieces, too with some biggies on the easel for us. One sold within minutes and I expect the rest won’t last the month, either, so get in their first, folks. And if that’s not enough for you, both Peter Wileman’s latest has sold right off the easel… can’t argue with that record now can ya?

robinmasonMike Hindle’s been in with three new pieces this last week to replace the many that have sold and if that’s not enough for you, the supremely talented Haidee-Jo Summers left us with some gorgeous pieces after her Fisherman’s Shelter exhibition (she’s only gone and go two… yes TWO pieces accepted for this year’s Royal Society of Marine Artists Annual Open Exhibition! Impossibly talented!)

Porthcirnick to PortscathoI hope to have some new pieces for you from Robin Mason, Stephen Higton and Jenny Aitken to replace their sales, too, this coming month and Hilary Stock will be down with some fresh works, so the influx is sure to be intense and it’d be wise to watch their pages closely to get first dibs if you’re a fan. Oh and because our newest recruit, Joe Armstrong has been sellin’ his heart out, we have some newbies from him, toosie, along with the ever popular Mary Allen… Phew! (deep breath!)

mary_allenSo there it is, folks. After another incredible summer with record-breaking figures, I can’t thank you enough for your support and custom. And next month I have something a little special to announce for all those who like my newsletters and our artist’s works. But for now, I wish you a wonderful September and hope to see you or hear from you soonest!

Ciao for now, folks!


August 2015

malala_yousafzaiBravery appears in many forms. There’s the astonishing, selfless bravery people like Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela displayed when the world was trying to convince them they were wrong. Then there’s the personal bravery of people like Malala Yousafzai after being shot for simply going to school.

For me, though, remarkably powerful is one’s own bravery in the face of personal conflict… read more.



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