December 2014

December 2014

badgeAt this time of gift giving, it’s understandable that we rush into decisions about whom to give what. But just this month I was reminded of how the smaller things mean so much.

Right out of the blue I received this badge from the lovely Haidee-Jo Summers  It had no real relation to anything, but because of that, it meant so much more than a normal thank-you gift would otherwise do.

ben_taffinderIt reminded me of when, back in the 90s, I decided to give three people a small gift of gratitude, simply because their dedication to their work had moved me so much. I only knew one of these people personally, but when I gave my token of appreciation to all of them, the way they reacted was very similar to the way I felt this month; overwhelmed and deeply moved.

peter_wilemanWhatever you decide to give to your loved ones this year, maybe you’ll find the time to think of someone who has moved you in some way – someone who has bought a little light into your life – and, whether you know them personally or not, maybe you’ll consider giving them a tiny gift of appreciation. Not because it’s Christmas; not because you want to be recognised; but simply because of the way they’ve influenced your life so profoundly.

andrew_tozerGiving gifts of appreciation like this are intoxicating for both parties, and I guarantee (and as my gift to you) it’ll be the best present you’ll give this year.

And your gift from our magnificent artists this month is the enormous influx of new work we’ve had from them. As mentioned in the interim email about our gift tokens (which I feel I can now announce as being a great Christmas gift ;0-) there have been some wonderful new pieces in.

claire_henleyBut before I give you a taster of that, I want to announce the annual Ben Taffinder Christmas exhibition here in the gallery. Last year, Ben bought in 17 pieces and we sold 14 in the opening night! So make sure you can get down for a little Champers and see his astonishing work before it flies off.

jill_hudsonI’ll make sure there’s a sneak preview up on his page of the website before the opening, at 6.30 on Sunday December 28th, so if you’re not able to make it, you can see them online on that day… wouldn’t want you to miss out or nowt! So make a date in your diary to drop in to Ben’s page on 28th. (Oh and if you can’t wait till then, I’ve just uploaded a few new pieces, so have a butchers!)

Ok, so how about those newbies? Well the promised Peter Wileman’s came in and boy are they beautiful. One went straight into the window and has been gathering admiring drools from passers-by.

jenny_aitkenRachael Mia Allen came in with three new pieces on Friday and one sold within four hours! We only have two left now, but it is incredible. So if you’re looking for one of hers, you’d better get yer skates on.

Andrew Tozer not only bought in nine incredible new pieces last week, but two of them sold within as many days so, true to that fine fella’s form, he’s replaced those with another two that are on a par with even those… if that’s at all possible. Really beautiful!

stephen_higtonWe’ve had two from the sparkling Claire Henley as well and Jill Hudson has just given us four incredible pieces for our Online Only gallery of her Still Life works. Truly stunning, but why take my word for it? See ‘em yourself here.

That cheeky Jenny Aitken, our other new recruit, has sold two of the three pieces she bought in right off the back, so we’re down to the last one. One of the very few artists who sells well both in our sister galleries at Bedruthan and Scarlet Hotels and now here, which is quite a feat. More will be along soon, though, so keep your eyes peeled on her page for those.

lena_rivoAnd lastly, the inimitable Stephen Higton and our wunderkind, Lena Rivo have both sent us some superb new works, which and are already selling like crazy, so pop in to their respective pages to enjoy those lovely, lovely paintings before they’re all gone, why-don-cha?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOh and how could we forget the genius that is Mike Hindle? He bought in two works that I can only describe as sublime. Check them out here if you dare! ;0-)

Phew! Anyway, if you have any Christmas wishes you’d like to pass by me, just holler. As always, I’m open to considering any payment plans you’d like to suggest, so you or your loved-ones can have something beautiful they’ll cherish for a lifetime this Christmas.

Till then, have a great time and I’ll be back with some ground-breaking news on New years day… at last we’re there! Mum’s the word for now, though!

Ciao for now!



November 2014

positivethinkingAfter a friend recently asked for my help finding some solutions with her troubles, I was reminded of my days in Germany in the mid 90s where I was having similar issues. It was there that I learned about how ‘positive language’ (a subject that’s challenging to talk about these days without sounding like some sandal-wearing new-ager) can have profound affects on one’s life.

Whether you believe you’re talking to a higher power – making them aware of what you want to manifest in your life – or simply retraining your brain, I told her about how I started turning what I knew I didn’t want: “…a job too far from home; a job without enough pay…“ etc. into something I did… read more.




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