July 2021

I was observing the other day how we project our ‘model of life’ onto others quite often. For example, a follower on our social media platforms often comments (in partial jest) how I should look after my staff more and pay them better when they make a sale.

I’m fairly sure my staff know how I value them and I hope I pay them accordingly, but of course this isn’t about my staff or me, it’s about this poor lady’s vision of the world and clearly she feels she hasn’t been recognised herself in the past.

When confronted with an idea we ourselves wouldn’t think of doing, we find it hard to imagine anyone else dong that same thing willingly. This of course says oceans about us rather than the person we’re disbelieving.

I’ll occasionally leave my gallery open to go to the shop, for example, and when I get back there’re customers milling around, amazed I would do such a thing. It’s because, in my model of the world, I don’t believe anyone would steal art and if so, I am prepared to pay for it if they did: they clearly need it more than I need the money and I didn’t move to Cornwall to live in fear, so am comfortable with my choices.

I feel that when we’re confronted with situations we find incredible to believe, it’s a great chance for us to reflect on our own misgivings and why we wouldn’t want to take that leap of faith ourselves.

At any moment in time, we have the opportunity of taking the path of faith or that of fear. These is no judgment (at least from me) on any choice of road, but in my experience, the more we trust, the more the world seems trusting. So it’s a question of how we choose to live our lives, I guess.

Okey Kokey, let’s kick this month’s delights off with our two Fisherman’s Shelter dates this month. The first is with everyone’s favourite art photographer, Hilary Stock. She’ll be in there to meet you from 23th – 25th July with a drinks evening at 6pm on the Friday.

Then, on Friday 30th, it’s Claire Henley‘s turn, again starting at 6pm, she’ll then be there to brighten up everyone’s weekend until 1st August. And if you can’t wait until then, she’s just added four astounding new pieces to her page, like this beauty!

As for other new work, The Hig added several glorious Roseland views, which I suspect won’t last the week. See these and all of Stephen Higton‘s work here. And Magic Mike Hindle painted an entirely new collection of gouache work that has to be seen to be believed. They should be coming back from the framers soon.

The Watercolour wonder, John Hopkins painted this scorcher of Great Molunan beach at St Anthony… I know, right? Schamazeballs! And Ben Taffinder‘s exhibition was a blinder, with half sold before it even opened! You can see the remaining pieces, including this superb abstract on his exhibition page here… a delight!

Ann Kelly popped down with her bestie, Andrew Allanson for a week’s painting last week. They both left us with some incredible new work, some of which sold instantly, but just feast your eyes on the rest before they sell. Just sublime!

Our Angels, Angel Angelov and Angela Uren both posted brand new collections in the last week. Angel’s powerful landscapes are soooo accomplished I had to nab one myself and Angela Uren’s Roseland seascapes are a wonder of wonders.

I was going to leave you with a couple of brand new Lucy Davies‘ paintings of Nare Head to enjoy on her page, but that’s all you can do, I’m afraid, as both sold within hours of posting. We’ll get more soon, I suspect, and there’re still a couple of killers here.

So there it is. As promised, I hope to bring you a brand new painter next month who is currently painting a collection for us. What’s more exciting is she’s gonna be new to everyone in the UK as she’s just kicking off her professional career, but, boy, is she a gem! More on that next month but for now, here’s to an open and huggable July for us all!



Mark David Hatwood FRSA


June 2021

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