January 2021

I know, for many, 2020 is a year to forget, but before we wish this difficult year good riddance, I wanted to reflect on all the unexpected positives it gave many of us.

Because of the distance between family and friends, many I’ve spoken to have felt a deeper yearning for their nearest and dearest. Absence makes the heart grow fonder I guess and with the time to reflect on the people around us, it has made many of us value their existence in our lives more.

Additionally, some of us have reflected on what’s important in our lives. We’ve changed our focus from money and jobs to lifestyle and the quality of our life. This was a unique time to really think about what we truly want from our limited time here.

There’s been a definite leaning towards environmental concerns, too. Having had time to enjoy nature more during the lockdowns, I think we’ve actually spent time considering the values of that environment as well as our own health, and we’ve seen this reach out to our more pressing concerns for the planet and our personal diets.

For me, though, the biggest shift has been towards our communities. Our respect and reverence for those who care for us and our neighbours who live around us. There’s been an extraordinary shift in our reliance on the ‘local’ and us all wanting and needing to spend what extra time we’ve had productively by reaching out to, or allowing ourselves to rely on, those in our direct vicinity. For me that was the most heartwarming of reactions to what could have been a year of alienation.

I have no desire to play down the hardships many of us have had to endure, but taking time to reflect on the good things this most extraordinary of years has brought us, at least gives us hope for the coming year by allowing us to hold on to the things we’ve cherished in these hard times. Stay safe and all power in reaching your new and exciting goals for 2021.

Okey Kokey, before I get on to this month’s delights, I want to share three bits of exciting news. First up, today is the launch of my new art YouTube channel ‘The Art Vlog‘. It’s an advice channel for both buyers and sellers of fine art where I’ll be featuring a new artist each week along with some advice on art buying. I hope it’ll be useful.

Secondly, I know many of you have enjoyed our daily offer emails during our closures. Although closed for January, we will still be open 11am – 3pm weekends during that period (rules allowing) but our offers will start again from tomorrow for you to enjoy until we’re back on full time in February.

Lastly, we hope to launch our new sister US website this month, but I’ll give you more info on that when it happens. Suffice to say I’m über excited to be working with some of the best American contemporary artists alive today so watch this space!

Our winter exhibition is still running until tomorrow, both in house and online, so do check that out if you haven’t already. Additionally, we have some cracking new work from Julian Mason. His work is always a treat and these beauties are no exception!

Our watercolourist, John Hopkins added a scorcher of St Ives fishing boats. Just love the aspects of his fab work! And Jamel Akib added two sublime depictions of a Blue tit and Blackbird… boy, that fella can paint!

Our woodcraftsman, Howard Moody added an entire new collection of bowls and vases… totes fab! And Hester Berry‘s garden painting from the exhibition is a sight to behold, I tell ya!

The inimitable Mr Taffinder brought in 3 new pieces along with his exhibition submission of Curgurrell in blossom… summer encapsulated! And our impasto queen, Angela Uren added a fair few newbies herself, one of which sold in a heartbeat!

The Hig painted a wonderful scene of the Roseland in the snow which is an uncommon but delightful scene. Check out that and all of Stephen Higton‘s collection here. And Mike Hindle sent us four superb new gouache works which are headed to the framers now. But be quick as one sold before it even got here!

Lastly, the lovely Imogen Bone added three scrummy garden scenes to her page. One went into the exhibition, but it was hard to choose from them all, to be honest. Absolute blinders!

So there it is. We’re always here for any questions, requests, commissions or suggestions and in the mean time, I hope you enjoy your dailies for the coming few weeks and I send you all the shiniest wishes for your 2021… you deserve it!

Bless ya


Mark David Hatwood FRSA


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