August 2019

I was having some manipulation from my fab chiropractor, Magic Mike, the other day and it occurred to me then that our cultural systems are similar to our bodies. Sometimes misalignments and pains appear for seemingly no reason that unless dealt with swiftly, they can become chronic.

The realisation that our planet is misaligned with our current societal systems seems to be a more pressing pain of late, to some more than others. But like all chronic pains, it needs to be addressed, despite the fact that the fundamental core of the system that built the issue (i.e. our desire for constant growth) has to be radically reconsidered; something that many are understandably reluctant to do.

I don’t want to get into a political discussion here, but as I’ve mentioned many times before, change is the only constant and without the desire to keep active, a forced change (like my own, with Mike) becomes necessary to save the crippling consequences of inaction. Change is hard, but nothing of worth comes easily.

Some believe that throwing out the entire system that supports the pain is necessary; some believe a rethink is all it needs. There is even a small group that think no drastic change is necessary to address the ‘hyped’ issues. Regardless of your personal standpoint, the question is, how do we start to change when there is so much disagreement as to how, and even the extent of the problem?

I believe that, like everything, change can only start with personal action. We can’t wait for society to change: we are society. We can only do one thing more today than we did yesterday, if we feel inclined. Like world peace, it’s not a thing you can buy. You have to create it, one action at a time. This is how true change begins and can be sustained.

I wish you all luck with your desired position… may your inner Magic Mike make great strides towards your own personal goals!

Okey-dokey, we’d better crack on, as there’s so much to get though this month. First up, we have three incredible exhibitions! Starting at 6pm on Friday 9th August we have our newest star, Georgina Potter in the Fisherman’s Shelter. She’ll be there from 11-4 on Saturday and Sunday, too, if you can’t make Friday’s drinks evening.

Then on Friday 16th, Claire Henley kicks off her stint there, running at the same times through Saturday and Sunday as well. Not only that, if you’re a Maweser and would prefer to see her closer to home, she’s doing a one-day pop-up at Hotel Tresanton on Monday 19th from 11am-4pm. I spoil you!

I’m itchin’ to see what the girls will paint for us. And if you can’t make it here, they’ll all go live the day before the exhibition on their respective pages above.

As for new work, I’m going to have to speed-type through these are there’s soooo much spledidity. The Hig sent down some incredible pieces at the beginning of July. Stephen Higton’s always a favourite and these would charm the Gods so check out those a.s.a.p.

Julian Mason whizzed down with seven sublime pieces for this summer. Some sold within minutes but there’re still more here. The lovely Mary Allen replaced her sales with 3 corkers. Painting doesn’t get more serene than this, folks!

Imogen Bone, whose exhibition in July went down a storm, has left us with a scrummy new wall of wondrous gifts. You’ll have to fight me for some of those, I tell ya! And after her successful exhibition, the mistress of light, Jenny Aitken has some mindbogglingly cracking work on her page for your delectation.

The Wilshire wonders, Andrew Allanson and Ann Kelly dropped in with a new batch of work mid July. With getting on for a century of painting experience between them, it’s easy to see why their painting always causes a stir.

The Impasto king, Ben Taffinder sallied forth with four edible morsels last week so I suspect they’ll sell before sunrise! And if that’s not enough for you, how about these three dreamy fresh ‘uns from the still-life princess, Penny German? I doubt there’s a kitchen in the country that’d be complete without one of these beauties.

So there it is. I’m promised new works from that cheeky Robin Mason, the enigmatic Mike Hindle and the explosive Peter Wileman in the coming days, so keep your eyes peeled on our social media feeds or the website for news of those gems. For now, though, enjoy the incredible weather and here’s to a relaxing August for you and yours!

Ta Ta, for now,


Mark David Hatwood FRSA


July 2019

I’m sadly rarely surprised these days when I hear about someone feeling they’re less than perfect; especially the young. With the rise of social media and blogs (not to mention the sparklingly perfect advertising models selling us truck loads of products) it’s hardly surprising we compare ourselves to those seemingly wonderful lifestyles.

I could even be accused of it myself: living in Cornwall and running a successful gallery with a beautiful rock-star florist wife… read more.



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