September 2017

symetry-smComing from a line of mathematicians, I do love my Sudoku (or ‘Numbers’, as my wife calls it). It always fascinates me how pretty mathematical patterns are, not just in pure maths but also in nature itself and that beloved game often reminds me of the synergetic nature of life.

jenny_aitkenAnyone who has bemoaned a situation, only to find how perfect it is later (which, I suggest, is all of us) will know what I mean by this natural perfection. Although immensely more complex than Sudoku, I feel our relationships are like this. There is a natural flow to the way we meet, befriend and lose touch with people and although we don’t see it at the time, it is harmonic.

claire_henleyWhen I was sixteen, I moved town and had to start life over again. It gave me a chance to review the way I’d lived my life till that point and I can now route nearly all the friends I have today back to just one person. That one person and I never became close friends, but he is without doubt the catalyst that nearly all my current friendships rooted from.

hilarystockI guess I’m lucky in many ways having a chance to ‘start over’ at such an important stage in life and although it was hard, I took advantage of it. Those lessons stay with me today and I truly believe we all have a chance to rewrite our lives at any second, especially if we feel the ‘harmony’ of nature’s natural balance is evading us because of the route we’re currently on.

neilboltonAs many regular readers will know, I made an even bigger change when moving to Berlin in ’93 and locked in to what was to become the most harmonious decades of my life. But I know I’m never too young or wise to ‘fall off the wagon’ and when I feel things are out of whack, I know there’s only one person that can change it.

stephen_higtonI truly hope you’re enjoying the harmony life brings when in tune with the vibrations of its numbers, but if not, why not make a change… today? Our current lives are a result of whom we’ve been till now, but how our lives will be results in who we’re being today… it’s simply numiracle!

harbourgallery-charity-tour-logoAs you can imagine, August was an exceptionally busy time, but we’ll be putting together firm dates for our Charity Exhibition tour in the next few weeks and I’ll share those dates with you in next month’s newsletter. There’s still time for you if you’d like to organise one in your neighbourhood, giving your local charity a huge 15% of all sales and creating a great community evening for everyone. Just click here for more details and I look forward to your email if you’d like to know more. For now, here’s what’s new this month:

maryallenAfter their outstanding exhibitions, both Jenny Aitken and Claire Henley have some incredible new work on their pages. Added to those lovely pieces, Mary Allen has given us a whole ream of new Online-Only exclusives for you to enjoy on her page.

hester_berryHester Berry came in with some exceptional pieces early in August, too, and Neil Bolton is here as I write and has dropped in some cracking new works. Take a moment to check those out on their respective pages.

ben_taffinderI’ve just added another new work from the inimitable Stephen Higton and there’ll be more on their way when he visits later in the month. Hilary Stock, too, delivered 3 beautiful new works this month so take a moment to see those beauties and the ever popular Ben Taffinder bought in some newbies as well, two of which sold within hours!

Let me know if you want to pop in on Mondays in September. Although we’re not officially open, we’ll be happy to do so if you’re passing and want a butchers. For now, though, have a fabulous month and I hope to see or hear from you soon!

Toodle pip for now



August 2017

portersI know I dribble on a lot about karma, but only this last month did it become so prevalent in my life. Nine years ago, I was the steward in our local club and having served visiting builders from up country that had come to work on homes here, I wondered why second homeowners didn’t use local tradesmen.

Realising it was because they are not here, so they don’t know the contact details for local workers, I decided to start the non-profit website, Roseland Online, to help link these two parties together. It has now grown into a massive community online magazine with over 3500 pages of news, classifieds, calendars and 12 feature writers… read more



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