September 2019

A friend was telling me recently of a neighbour who was getting themselves wound up about a silly dispute. Despite the council and police telling her she had no grounds for her displeasure, she was clearly having none of it.

It’s clear that people will make themselves ill with such unabated venom, but in a small way we all get annoyed about little things like this on a daily basis in some shape or form… and it’s completely normal.

My wife has this irritable habit of tapping her electric toothbrush against the sink to clean it and the sound used to drive me mad each morning. That was until I started to consider what it would be like not to have those daily sounds of a family waking up together.

Ask any mother whose argumentative children have fled the nest what they miss most, and it’s those daily sounds of activity and sibling rivalry that used to fill the house with abundance.

Things will irritate us constantly. It’s not our job to rise above everything and live in a constant state of Nirvana: we’re humans… being… after all. But it is our job to decide how to change our outlook on life’s irritants… and not expect another to change their ways for our benefit.

Irritants are a mirror on our lives; they’re there to show us the things we need to work on to achieve peace and calm when all around is going crazy. Changing the way we look at something can have huge benefit to our karma and health so we should find a way to embrace them for the gift they are.

So now, having done the work, I smile warmly each day when by wife starts her morning toothbrush tapestry: considering how lucky I am to have someone in my life that shows me how intolerant I’m being. I truly hope I’ll be lucky enough to hear those taps until my dying day.

Righteo, there’s a ton of new stuff to get through, as you’d expect at this time of year, so let’s kick off with the Titan of seascape artists that is Ilric Shetland. This astonishing new piece is the first we’ve had for nearly a year and it’s humungous! I hope you get time to view it before it sells!

Claire Henley has been working hard for us since her hugely successful exhibition in August, finishing a batch of commissions. And she’s still kept us stocked with newbies… how does she do it? And she bought down a new batch from the inimitable Robin Mason for us, too. That was a bumper day, I can tell ya!

The Hig has finished off some new work for us and, boy, are they the bomb, so don’t miss out on them if, like me, you like Stephen Higton’s work. And after his batch of sales in July and August, Andrew Allanson popped down with some refreshing refreshers mid month… and one’s already gone, so move fast!

The delightful Georgina Potter left us with some incredible works after her exhibition – I can almost feel the heat and breeze in those corkers – and right after she left, the enigmatic Mike Hindle blew in with two mahooooosive canvases and a few smaller gouache works to brighten up any home.

The saint of Salisbury, Jamel Akib came in with a superb batch of birds for us, Sandpipers, Curlews and 5… yes FIVE beautifully colourful puffins in flight. These have to be seen to be believed!

Our queen of the working boats, Jill Hudson, brought in two whoppas this month, both of which have such incredible movement, they almost make you giddy. But if you’d prefer something more tranquil, try this utterly creamy watercolour of St Mawes by John Hopkins… it’ll be right up your street.

The still-life princess, Penny German painted two delightful pieces for us. So much so, as I write, I think one may be sold, but let’s see… if you’re quick enough, you might just get one in time!

And to finish off with, can you believe that not only did the mighty Peter Wileman bring in six world-class pieces just two weeks ago, we sold four of them right away. But fear not, me lovelies, he’ll be painting for us again in a week, so keep your eyes peeled on his page if you miss out on the four we have left on his page now.

Phew, a marathon month, as I’m sure you’ll agree. But with so much sold (another record month for the gallery) it only means one thing… new work! So I’m sure your favourite artist will have something to tempt you soon if you miss out on the current titbits.

Have a wonderful September, folks, and if you need Deborah and me to discuss a special commission, you know where to find us!

Até mais tarde, me lovelies!


Mark David Hatwood FRSA


August 2019

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