January 2018

britishcontemporary.art-logoThere’s no getting away from the fact we’re all quite complex and I’ve certainly learnt a lot about myself these last few weeks whilst building an exciting new website for the arts.

Normally, I’m a very impetuous person. In a lot of ways, it’s served me well and I’ve manifested some great things in my life by just getting on with it and not sitting around planning for weeks, months or even years on end.

angel_angelov-PinkSkyI decided when doing this project, though, that I would set a launch date well in advance (it’s today… yippeeeee!) to make sure the website is perfect from day one. This has been a revelation for me as all the mistakes and alterations that I normally fix after I’ve begun a project, have now been thought and worked through in advance.

ben_taffinderIt’s allowed me to really think about each word, design, process and optimisation decisions thoroughly so I’m not constantly adding on new features making the basic, first design top-heavy with all the additions.

claire_henleyWill this leopard change its spots? Doubtful! But it has made me consider the qualities of not just leaping out of the door before putting my coat on. Maybe it’s been that youthfulness which has made my life so exciting in the past, but as I’m getting older, I’m starting to realise the value of restraint.

hilary_stockThis has unintentionally ended up sounding more like a hard sell for my new project than a musing, but I guess it just goes to show, my impetuous days aren’t fully over… at least where my writing’s concerned. But I truly hope you’ll take a moment to pop over and view the website at your leisure and see if my restraint has merit. It’s: www.britishcontemporary.art

mike_hindleLastly, if I may, I’d like to add your email to our sister website’s monthly ping. If you’d prefer not to be on it, just let me know or click on the unsubscribe when it comes through on the 15th of each month… I won’t be offended.

harbourgallery-logo-square-smOK, so how about THG, well the team and I have decided to give our annual give-back. Short of a sale, which is open to everyone, this discount period is exclusively for you, our lovely THG customers.

neil_carrollAs such, we’re offering a whopping 15% off everything currently in stock (sorry, can’t extend it to new works coming in). Not only that, it’s FREE UK delivery, too. If there ever was a time to buy that favourite piece or an artist you always wanted, now’s the time, folks!

joe_armstrongWe are officially closed until Sat 13th Jan, but Deborah will kindly pop down to send off anything that’s urgent or to open up if you’d like to view something. If not, I’ll send everything off when I’m back in sunny Cornwall.

So have an incredible year ahead and thanks so much for all your custom and friendship in 2018. You humble Deborah and myself, and I know our wonderful artists are as grateful as we are, so thank you.

Toodle pip, you lovelies!



December 2017

dryingup-smThe other day I heard my wife checking the knives I’d just dried and put away. I felt my irritation at being ‘assessed’ build up, but before it spilt over into a rant, I managed to stop and ask myself why she did that.

Our first instinct is to assert blame onto another in any situation, but in this one I was able to think about my part in it before letting instinct kick in. What had I done (or not done) to make her feel she had to check my cutlery drying performance in the first place…? read more



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