November 2015

November Newsletter

humilityA wonderful lady who is a great fan of the gallery, came in with two friends the other afternoon. What makes her so special to me is her extraordinary zest for life and enthusiasm for all she sees, despite the ills that are reducing her body to incapacity.

jenny_aitkenPeople like her, despite the pain they are enduring and the life-threatening illnesses they’re battling with, who can still radiate warmth and light with every sense of their being, are both enlightening and humbling to me.

We all have our ups and downs, but when someone ben_taffinderacts with such dignity when faced with such hardships, I feel a hope for humanity in that. It’s a beautiful gift to the world around them that mere words of gratitude seem inadequate to express.

joe_armstrongSomeone once told me: if you have pain, be glad you know you’re alive. And if you’re down or sad, be glad you’re blessed with emotions enough to feel that way. In short, we should be grateful at all times for what we have, not what we think we have to endure. And this wonderful lady is one of a few who remind me of that in their very being.

ann_kellySo when I next open my mouth to moan about everything I have, I will remember her. And I hope I’ll have enough respect for what she endures on a daily basis to close my mouth again and instead rejoice in the treasures that life bestows upon me. It’s the best way I can think of to say thank you to her.

1000And on the subject of gratitude, I want to thank you so very much for your support over the last three and a half years. Last month we sold the 1000th painting since I took over the gallery those 1300 days ago. Such an accolade is down to you for your custom and a testament to the astonishing artists THG has and I’m truly grateful

Book-smThanks, too, for your enthusiasm for our first book. We’ve completely sold out of the first run and the second has just arrived. So if you’d like one before 15th December (when I return from my annual holidays – more on that below) please do order your copy/ies as soon as possible by clicking here.

neil_bolton0OK, so what’s been happening over the past month?

Our newest dynamo, Jenny Aitken, has been selling pieces before they’re even dry! Some more from her are on their way soonest (if they’re not sold first right off the easel, of course!). And that splendid Ben Taffinder has just been in with some stunning new pieces. Two sold right away, so you’d better get in there quick if you’re a fan!

stephen_higtonJoe Armstrong bought in three newbies (like this beaut of a Hidden Hut feast night) and one’s already sold! Added to that, the lovely Ann Kelly sent us down three new works as well. They’re all live on their respective pages right now.

Neil Bolton’s been down to paint for us last week and not only those, but another he bought with him are now up on his page… talk about quick! And that splendid fella, Stephen Higton’s sent down two incredible new pieces to boot. Scoot in and check them out on his page, why don’tcha?

morag_lloydsThe inimitable Mike Hindle came in with four crisp new paintings a couple of weeks ago and one sold before I’d even got it out my hands. Does that guy get better and better? Guess so! And the lovely Morag Lloyds has been charming the Gods: it looks like her works will be featured on the cover of a local holiday let magazine next year all going well. Pop-U-Lar!

howardmoodyHoward Moody bought in some gorgeous woodwork earlier in the month. What a talent that boy is. And if that’s not enough for ya’, the incredible Peter Wileman has had a new piece just added to his page after almost selling out yet again this month!

peter_wilemanAnd with new work from Andrew Tozer, Robin Mason, Jill Hudson and the lovely Claire Henley on their way, do keep your eyes peeled on our social media feeds and website for the most up-to-date news and additions as they happen.

robin_masonLastly, as mentioned earlier, please be aware that the gallery will be closed from the close of business on Sunday 15th November through to Saturday 12th December. I’m off on me hols to sunny Cali-Forn-I-A but will send my usual monthly email in December from my sunbed in Carmel (cruel, I know)!

Have a wonderful month and I look forward to hearing from you as and when.

Ciao for now!



October Newsletter

Whilst watching Wim Wender’s wonderful, Oscar nominated Salt of the Earth, about world-renowned photographer Sebastião Salgado, I started to consider whether we should openly criticise any artist’s work.

Surely I’m being an over-protective gallerist: artists are just doing a job like you and I, or? And, as such, shouldn’t they take our criticism as much as they do our praise?

read more.



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