July 2014

decisions2Being the founder editor of Roseland Online – south central Cornwall’s popular community website – I’m often questioning my own moral compass. I purposely decided not to go down the committee route, something I felt would slow down the editing process of a web based magazine, so the decisions have always lain at my door. But as we’re all different, what gives me the right to make decisions as to what to, or not to publish?

Roy-ConnellyI suppose one could say that as the founder of Roseland Online, I do have some rights, but the magazine has gone on to become such a huge local resource (more than I ever dreamed it would) I do feel a larger responsibility now to be more careful about my decisions than I may have otherwise been in the past.

haidee_jo_summersI’m delighted to now have my new friend, Peter, as co-editor – who, as an ex diplomat, has a sound moral compass himself – so I use him a lot when my conscience is troubled. But as the website now has up to 2,500 readers per day and over 12 feature writers, it’s become quite a local force, so my publishing decisions do cause me concern at times.

malcolm_ludvigsenI imagine that’s what Spider-Man [’s writers] meant by ‘With great power comes great responsibility’. Making sure you second-guess yourself before making a moral judgement on anything. It goes without saying that I’m sure to have let some of the people down some of the time, so more than ever now I find myself returning to that old adage “What would Love do now?” as a guiding principle

ben_taffinderStill, like everything in life, there are grey areas, and those are the hardest of all to navigate, and ones that keep me up at night, pondering my own decisions and the results of them. Still, as I said, having Peter there now ain’t ‘arf a comfort. I guess it’s true what they say: when the student’s ready, the master will appear!


andrew_tozerOK, so I’d like to start by welcoming our newest recruit, Roy Connelly, into the fold this month. Roy has exhibited widely, including at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. He is a regular exhibitor at the New English Art Club and at Royal Society of British Artists and in 2008 he was invited to be an artist at the Discerning Eye exhibition in London. In 2009, he also won the Chelsea Art Society Award for a Painting, so he’s quite a catch for us!

robin_masonHis passion is Plein Air painting and is a founder member of the Plein Air Brotherhood, a group that exists to exhibit and promote painting on location from direct observation. Roy came to the Roseland in June to paint exclusively for THG and we’re delighted so proud to have him within our wonderful family of artists.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s been an amazing month for recognition for the lovely Haidee-Jo Summers and Malcolm Ludvigsen, too. Haidee-Jo has had a sister painting to one we have (pictured here), accepted as a permanent collection in The Artist (magazine’s) purchase prize by the mighty Ken Howard, no less. And Malcolm Ludvigsen had a fabulous mention in the US Artist Magazine as well. Well done to them both!

mary_allenBen Taffinder has been selling like hot cakes again this month. We hardly get them in the door and they’re out again. The same can be said of Andrew Tozer – who is working on a new batch for us as I write. And Robin Mason, whose work never ceases to catch everyone’s eye, has been selling well, too (I just missed taking one home myself!). And as for that there Mike Hindle… talk about a shooting star here in the gallery! Wonderful work. Needless to say another bunch of his work flew out the door as well.

rachael_mia_allenOur partnership with the Scarlet and Bedruthan Hotels has completed its first year and we’re both so delighted with the way it’s been going. We’re even planning a special Portraits exhibition there in September. More on that as it comes in! In the mean time, most of our artists are on display there, along with one or two others! So if you’re on the north coast anytime soon…

hilary_stockMary Allen has just bought in three incredible new paintings because we’d completely sold out of her last batch, and her beautiful daughter, Rachael Mia Allen, has been selling incredibly well with her delicious 40 x 35 specials. Only one left, so get in while you can! But she has promised some more very soon, so I’ll no doubt be nagging her before long… (I’m such a hard taskmaster!)

jill_hudson-Jill Hudson’s just come in with a new batch for us and wait until you see Hilary Stock’s new limited edition impression of the Fisherman’s Shelter… just stunning! It’ll be a sure-fire winner during her exhibition there at the beginning of August.

In the mean time, the youthful Claire Henley is next to exhibit there from the 25th – 27th July, followed by Jill Hudson from 29th – 31st July. More details on all this summer’s exhibition dates here: www.theharbourgallery.co.uk/news

So, here’s to a cracking July and I hope to see you soon here in the gallery. If not, maybe we can chat on the phone/email/social media… I LOVE hearing from you, smashers!

Ciao for now!



June 2014

stephensuttonThe way we project our limitations onto others is a subject I found was highlighted this month by the story of brave Stephen Sutton. As many know, the cancer sufferer’s post on Facebook to raise £10,000 turned into a heart-warming story before his sad death. In fact, it raised over £4 million… and counting.

But when he reported to have unexpectedly ‘coughed up a tumour’ a few weeks ago and was allowed to go home, some public and celebrity comments started suggesting that his entire campaign was a publicity stunt and that he may not have been as ill as they were led to believe in the first place.

My feeling is that when we’re presented with something that seems outside of our understanding, something ‘too good to be true’, we have a tendency to project that disbelief onto others, believing their actions to be ‘impossible’ or ‘unbelievable’. But surely that’s only a projection of our own limitations…? read more



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