July 2012

July 2012

stanthonypines-100Do I have the world’s best job? Having spent my life touring as a musician, writing songs for world renown acts and seeing my book made into a movie, I now get to sit, surrounded by some of the best paintings in Cornwall! And just this week I find out I’m married to a Page Three Girl! OK, Page 3 of this month’s Wedding Flowers Magazine, but hey… still the luckiest guy alive!

And this month, especially, has been an exciting one in the gallery.

goldbananas-100We’ve had seven brand new works in from Andrew Tozer at the beginning of the month… can it be he’s getting even better? Three have already flown out of the door and there’s so much interest in the others, I’ll be keeping him on his toes throughout this summer, no doubt!

singletree-100Lynn Golden bought in some stunning new pieces just last week, too. I popped over to her gallery and stole all the best she had, so do pop onto her page and have a browse of those little puppies. I especially like this one of the bananas; don’t know why, but it just makes me smile. And the others are just stunning so catch one before they fly. And don’t forget, if you have a special celebration coming up, why not consider using our unique Contribution Buying service; allowing family and friends to contribute to something you’ll treasure?

lookingtowardsgodreavy-100Then, not two days later, both Daniel Cole and Philip Lyons jazzed up the gallery with some of their bright and refreshing work. I almost need shades each time I enter the gallery these days! I’m glad to say the reaction from clients has been overwhelmingly complimentary to both of their works and all of the new paintings. If fact someone just left saying “There are galleries, and there are galleries. Yours has some of the best works I’ve seen.” Aww, how sweet. I’d like to take all the credit, but it’s simply down to our fabulous artists!

torsoback-100By way of a sneak preview, I’ve been in talks with one of our artist’s daughters – who herself is a renown painter – and I look forward to persuading her to get on board the Harbour Gallery Express in the coming months, so watch this space for details on that… ooh, don’t you just want to know who that is?

seastudy1-100Terence and Katrina Wagstaff popped in to the gallery this week, too, so I nabbed them for an interview for this month’s Podcast. We talked about how they achieved their magnificent sculptures – which never fail to catch everyone’s eye in our window every day – and their plans for the future. (Apologies for the sound. It’s a new camera and I’ve yet to get the audio right.) And if you haven’t had time to watch the fascinating Ilric Shetland interview, just scroll down on the Podcast page and you can watch it anytime. They all stay online anyway.

brightonbeachhuts-100Ilric is the first of our ‘Meet the Artist’ evenings on Sunday 22nd July from 5 – 7pm right here in the gallery, so I hope you’ll have time to pop in for that and enjoy a glass of wine with him. On Sunday 29th we have the exceptional Photographic artist, Hilary Stock, in the gallery. Her limited edition works have been immensely popular and we’ve already run out of two pieces this month and had to restock for July, so I’m sure that’ll be a popular evening, too.

OK, folks, I won’t eat up any more of your valuable time. Do drop in and have a browse of our online gallery shop. It’s updated on an almost daily basis so there’s always something new to see. And if you ‘do’ Facebook or Twitter, why not link to us? Whenever I update the site or gallery, I post something, so it’s an easy way to keep up to date with our ever growing community of artists’ works there as well.

Have a wonderful July, folks, and here’s to a little more sun!!!




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