September 2014

September 2014

restingOn my way back from the gallery last week, I stopped on the hill for a moment and lay down on the warm afternoon sun-heated meadow. Not a usual occurrence, I’m sorry to say, but one which inspired a moment of deep reflection.

Robin-Mason-TheHarbourPortscathoLying there, with my faithful dog at my side, my beautiful wife at home cooking a superb veggie supper (she’s as extraordinary a cook as she is a floral designer!) and having had another successful day at the gallery, I took a moment to absorb the contentment my life holds of late.

claire_henley-BoatmensShelterLike us all, I’ve been through some deep lows in my life as well as enjoying some extraordinary highs. I’ve endured a severe lack of finances for most of my life, so living as I am now with enough to get by and a little abundance, I appreciate every moment of this new found security and feel blessed because of it.

jill_hudson-HeavyWeatherSo at that moment, I wondered: Is it OK to pat myself on the back for arriving here? For enduring all those years of hardship and to have come out the other side (for now, at least) with something that resembles a modicum of financial and emotional security?

The only answer I could come up with was, hell yes! We should all celebrate our successes. Not necessarily outwardly (and certainly not with pride) but take a quiet moment to pat ourselves on the back and say yes! Well done me! I did that! And enjoy that warm glow of achievement that we deserve.

andrew_tozer-SummertimeMolunanBeachAs we all know, the only constant is change, so if you have moments like mine, I say grab them. Bask in your own accomplishments. Enjoy a moment’s recognition for your efforts and celebrate how far you’ve come. You deserve it. You’ve worked hard for it… and (to use an abused expression) You’re worth it!

ben_taffinder-TreenCliffsWell, short of shouting ‘hallelujah’ when reading that back, let’s crack on with an abundant month’s exhibitions and beautiful paintings, eh?

First up, I want to thank all our artists who came here to exhibit at the Fisherman’s Shelter. Robin Mason kicked us off in May with his magnificent works and since then his’ve been coming in and going out thick and fast.

Claire Henley took the reigns in Mid July and had wonderful success with her uplifting works as well as enjoying just being there. Jill Hudson, like Claire, was almost in tears having to give back the keys to her beautiful idyll after the 3-day stint she had and Hilary Stock felt identical to the others after her few days at this historical location with the family there.

lena_rivo-SummerEveningPortscathoHarbourFinishing off the month, our bestselling painters, Andrew Tozer and Ben Taffinder bought some of the best work I’ve ever seen from them and, unsurprisingly, both at the time and since then, their work continues to fly out the door. So, in short, we’re all booked in at the Fisherman’s Shelter for next year. Only question is: who and when?

Omichael_richardson-YachtsToGullRocknce again this month we’ve had record numbers of sales and I feel blessed by all my artists and by you as our wonderful customer, for all the support our little Cornish industry gets from you. Thank you. Truly. Can’t imagine a better dream to be living!

So what about September?

Well, our most recent acquisition, Lena Rivo, is coming over from Portugal to paint especially for us this month. Her first two amazing paintings sold within 24 hours of being delivered and she’s promised another couple before her trip here on 11th, so keep your eyes peeled for those on her page any day now… arrrgh! Excited!!

mary_allen-FishingBoatsAnd after my statement on my private Facebook page about this craze of ‘Ice Bucket Challenging’, saying we should consider the plight of those without access to water, Michael Richardson rang to offer his entire proceeds of one of his paintings to the cause I supported ( Such a lovely gesture shouldn’t stand alone, so I will do the same with our commission.

So if you want to help donate towards the plight of the 3.4million people who die each year from water related disease worldwide, all you need do now is buy a Michael Richardson painting! How cool and easy is that? You can view them all here.

ilric_shetland-Cresting-710And if that’s not enough beauty for you, how about the 10… yes 10! new online-only exclusives from Mary Allen we’ve just uploaded onto her page. Truly sublime.

So there it is… well, I was about to write that, but then Ilric Shetland pops in with three new seascapes, one of which is the mother of all seascapes at 120 x 120! I have no idea how long that took him to paint that puppy, but as we only get three newbies a year from him, I suspect he’s been painting since he was last in. Anyway, as always, they’re on the website in Superzoom for you any time you’re ready.

So there it truly is. Have a wonderful month ahead, folks, and here’s to a UK wide Indian summer wherever you may be.

Arrivederci, me lovelies!



August 2014

guitarThe subject of transience over ownership has been prevalent to my life for several reasons this month. For example, a guitar, similar to an extremely rare one that was stolen from my music studio in the 80s, turned up online after 25 years and I was tempted to buy it. But why, when I hardly play the four I already have?

We are the oddest creatures. When we see something of beauty, we feel a necessity to own it in some shape or form. Not satisfied with just enjoying it for the brief moment it appears in our lives, we somehow feel that ownership will make that precious moment more permanent, even if it means that by doing just that, we may also destroy or change that same thing… read more



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