May 2018

I was having the conversation again recently about how attracted we are to bad news. As such, much of what we see and read on the news and in the press reflects that ‘addiction’. But if we look back over history, we can easily overlook how the good in human nature has always found a way to succeed.

Dictators, hardliners and those that peddle in fear and hate have often, and still do, come to the fore. Because of their rhetoric, they prey on our fears to rise to positions of power by muscling in and taking control.

Somehow, though, even though negative things happen, we eventually find a way to bring it to its knees. Sure, these people can leave a lot of damage in their wake, but that’s the price we pay for our innocence and inactivity (every action has an equal and opposite reaction).

So if things seem bleak, we must take solace in our own humanity. Saints, like flowers in concrete, always find a way to raise us and inspire us to change against all odds. Martin Luther King Jnr, Nelson Mandela and even more recently on the environmental side, Richard Attenborough… these people come to the fore with a simple strong message that inspires us to take up arms and challenge the ‘norm’.

So despite our misgivings and the seemingly endless trail of negative news that crosses our paths on a daily basis, even if we can’t be that person to inspire change, our responsibility should be to seek out that truth and do whatever we can to help it flourish.

One voice can be strong; one voice can change the world… historically it always has. But that one voice can only be heeded if we listen… and actively participate by blowing on the embers of hope and giving our spark to the flame of change. One candle may seem dim but joined with thousands of others, the combined light can become a beacon for all to follow.

Before I get on to this month’s delights, I want to let you know that in the next few days, I will be launching THG’s brand-spanking new-look website. It should make your viewing pleasure even more fun and accessible. We have a couple of technical glitches that mean I couldn’t get it ready for today, so if the site does go down for a few hours this week, you’ll know why! Super excited!

And on the subject of excited: apart from having Peter Wileman back with us, we have two incredible new artists I want to introduce you to. Georgina Potter has been on my radar for a while and I’m delighted she could make it down to Cornwall to paint especially for us. You’ll find the results of that visit right here, along with her biography.

Our second new artist, Steven Bowden was kind enough to pop down this month, too… and like Georgina, the results of his local painting is wonderful. I hope you like both their styles and look forward to bringing you more next month.

So what’s new from our regular artist? Well, as mentioned, the maestro, Peter Wileman, came in on Saturday with two brand new works especially painted for us… and beauties they are too! Check those out on his page.

We’ve had some beautiful new works from Ben Taffinder. And on the subject of Ben, we have a super treat for you. For the open evening of his exhibition on 1st June, Trevethan Gin have agreed to give a Gin tasting evening… especially for you. So do put that in your diaries. I’ll send a reminder the week before.

Joe Armstrong is busy painting like a trojan for his exhibition this coming weekend. I hope you can make it on Saturday evening at the Fisherman’s Shelter at 6pm. If not, he’ll be there all day Sunday and bank holiday Monday. And of course, all his works will go live exclusively for you on Friday morning, so you can get in there first!

At the end of the month we have Julian Mason‘s Shelter exhibition. Again, he’ll be there from 6pm on Saturday 26th and again Sunday 27th and Monday bank holiday from 11-4pm. I’ll give you a nod the week before with news of where you can beat the crowds.

We have a couple of newbies from the ever popular Claire Henley. One sold overnight but there’re more on their way. We’ve had some beautiful new works from Angela Uren, too. Just love the peaches! Check them out on her page.

We’ve got more from the lovely Mary Allen in stock, following her sales last month. If you like tranquility… look no further. Mary is the queen of it! Mike Hindle‘s had an incredible month of sales so he’s busying himself with some newbies, as is that cheeky Robin Mason whose works seem to flow out like a hydrant recently!

So there it is, folks. I hope you can make at least one of our upcoming exhibitions from JoeJulian and Ben. But if not you’ll find them all online the day before the exhibition start. So make a date to drop in on your favourite before the rush!

Till then, have a cracking month ahead and enjoy the two bank holiday breaks! Caio for now, lovelies!


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