February 2018

emotions-smI do dribble on a lot about happiness in my newsletters and important as that is, clearly there’s no way we’ll always be happy all of the time. As humans we’re complex individuals with a while range of emotions. As such we’re bound to experience both highs and lows.

My own can range from anger, frustration, sadness, envy and contentment… and many more besides. OK, I may not be as ‘emotional’ as I was as a teenager, but I can still feel the wroth of all these emotions occasionally… and more!

deborah_walkerBerating ourselves for having these emotions, though is as silly as hating having ears when we love music. We are the combination of our whole so I think the key here is acceptance.

To accept the fact we’ll be annoyed, confused, anxious, fearful and all those other ‘negative’ emotions from time to time is as important as enjoying the ‘positive’ ones. What we must try not to do is to fight them. Allow them to express themselves and knowing we’ll pass through them, is the key.

claire_henleyMeditation, or even taking some time out, helps me when I feel the pace of life bringing me down. Does it work all the time, every time? No. But anything that helps me get through the night is OK. I know time will do the rest.

Trying to push back against the wind is as futile as it is energy draining. We will have to put up with our lower moods occasionally but going with the flow makes the journey less arduous and extreme. Know the clouds will clear and we will feel peace, harmony, contentment and that golden chalice of happiness again as sure as eggs’re eggs. Now, did someone say meringue?

hilary_stockSo what’s new on the agenda this month? Well, whilst I’m swanning it up in Cape Verde, my artists have been slaving away at the easel for us and I’m delighted to say the first of those magnificent works has just arrived in the case of the shamazeballs Deborah Walker. Painting the Roseland especially the Harbour Gallery and you, she’s delivered an incredible selection for us, so please take five minutes to look at those beauties here.

Claire Henley has been busy, too, and one of the paintings she delivered last week sold within minutes. She’s working away to replace that, though, and in the mean time has added some more newbies for us all to enjoy right here.

stephen_higtonI’m delighted to say this year’s popular Fisherman’s Shelter dates are now in. This year we’ve not only expanded the number of those, but also sealed a partnership with Hotel Tresanton. Both Claire Henley and Hilary Stock will be doing a pop-up there during the holiday season, so click here to make sure you’re here for your favourite artist’s dates. And remember, if you can’t be here, their collection will always go live the day before the exhibition starts so make a date to drop in here to see them first!

Tresanton_lighthousePhew, well, as mentioned, more and more beautiful works will be coming in from our fab artists as the month progresses, so if you want to be the first to see them, please do make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to be the first to see what’s new on the website.

seefirstOh and on that note, as changes are afoot on Facebook for business accounts, it would be wise to do the following (see pic) at the top of our page, so you make sure you see our posts.

Have a wonderful month and if we can help make your valentine go with an artistic bang, just holler… now, where’s my beach towel?

Tchau Amigos!



January 2018

britishcontemporary.art-logoThere’s no getting away from the fact we’re all quite complex and I’ve certainly learnt a lot about myself these last few weeks whilst building an exciting new website for the arts.

Normally, I’m a very impetuous person. In a lot of ways, it’s served me well and I’ve manifested some great things in my life by just getting on with it and not sitting around planning for weeks, months or even years on end… read more



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