September 2012

September 2012

katarinawittYou know, when I decided to take over the gallery, one of the things I was most worried about was all that ‘down-time’ I’d have when people wouldn’t be browsing. I needn’t have. There’s hardly a dull moment here.

violettehidy-100If I’m not updating the website and stock-list of all the things we’ve been selling (more on this later0 and having fun informing all you lovely people about the art and artists we have in the gallery (on Facebook and Twitter), I’m a surrogate Portscatho tourist centre, I help people navigate the corner we’re on (small villages can be tight in those large city vehicles!), I’m updating Roseland Online (I may have mentioned, I’m andrew_tozer-intothelightstanthonypines-100founder editor of this much loved community resource), trying to write a SitCom with two other writers (yes, I am still writing!) and this week I’ve also been roped into writing the lyrics for the theme tune to the new Katarina Witt film for my old music partner in Germany – old habits die hard! – so when someone comes in to buy a painting, it’s like a breath of fresh air!

celeste-100OK, so I only took over in April, and when things cool down in the ‘off-season’ I’ll probably have more time get restless. But for now, the work has been unrelenting…

…but I’ve been loving it. And what’s great is the support we’ve had for our popular ‘Meet the Artist’ evenings. We’ve got two more to go as part of the Roseland Festival, with Andrew Tozer and Daniel Cole but for now, they’ve been a great way for everyone to meet their favourite artist and learn about their work from ‘the horses mouth’… not that I’m suggesting any of our artists are equine, you understand!


I’m also delighted we’ve managed to send many works around the UK and to Europe this month for customers who have come in, fallen in love with, and bought a work by phone after realising they couldn’t live without it once they got home. And as art shipment charges are pretty reasonable at present (within the UK, anyway) we’ve managed to fulfil their wishes relatively cheaply. So keep an eye on the website for your favourite… if you want it, we’ll find a way to get it to you!

On the other hand, there are some artists I wouldn’t suggest doing that with, and Andrew Tozer’s work is a case in point. We’ve sold 12 since April as well as a handful of commissions, so those who have procrastinated have missed out on his incredibly popular work… take heed, me hearties! And we’ve just taken delivery of a whole new batch of his work, so check them out here online. Stunning!


We’ve also sold a whole list of other great work this month, too, including Lynn Golden’s, Mike Hindle’s, Hilary Stock’s Limited Edition Photography has been a popular choice, as have Jill Hudson’s boating scenes. Ben Catt & Sara Clasper’s abstracts have been selling well, too and the mighty Ilric Shetland’s seascapes (his stunning ‘Sea Cliffs’ I must have 10 conversations a day about! Blinding!) and that’s to name but a few. And when they’re gone, new ones replace them, so if you haven’t yet, do check out their respective pages.

So all in all, an extremely satisfying month. And if you want to be kept you up to date with all that’s happing, why not follow us on Twitter or befriend us on Facebook? We always post all the new works, competitions and other happenings in our (sleepy?) coastal gallery… and given the nature of both, you won’t get me dribbling on ad infinitum, like I do here!!!


Anyway, have a great month, cherubs, and here’s to a little warm sunshine wherever you are! And talking of sunshine, my chum Lynn Golden is this month’s Podcast. I spoil you, I really do!

Best wishes



July 2012

stanthonypines-100Do I have the world’s best job? Having spent my life touring as a musician, writing songs for world renown acts and seeing my book made into a movie, I now get to sit, surrounded by some of the best paintings in Cornwall! And just this week I find out I’m married to a Page Three Girl! OK, Page 3 of this month’s Wedding Flowers Magazine, but hey… still the luckiest guy alive!

And this month, especially, has been an exciting one in the gallery… read more



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