January 2019

A fresh New Year is a traditional time to look at one’s life and make changes for the future. They’re often health related but can also entail attitude and outlook changes.

Although this is a fabulous time to make such changes, I’m often concerned by the weight of responsibility we give these things. Sure, make a commitment to do anything, but we should also be easy on ourselves if for whatever reason we don’t manage it perfectly first time.

When we’re not, there’s the risk that that single lapse in judgement will allow us to throw out the baby with the bathwater and give up on our aims. Being gentle on one’s self and allowing some give when making a commitment, makes it so much easier to start again if we fall short.

In truth, every moment of every day is the chance to start or restart again, not just the beginning of a new year. As a youth, I ‘gave up’ smoking lots of times before I actually stopped putting a cigarette in my mouth. It was realising I am flawed, and that’s perfectly OK, that gave me the strength to try again and again until I overcame my shortcomings.

So, in this wonderful new year full of chances, adventures and promises, I hope you’ll also take my advice and treat yourself respectfully if at first you don’t achieve the heady goals you set out for yourself. Forgive yourself quickly and get right back on that horse! If it’s a goal with working towards, it’s a goal worth forgiving for.

OK, I promised you a super special January offer and so here it is, folks…!

Every day from tomorrow throughout the whole of January, I will be sending you an email with one painting from one artist at a whopping 20% discount!

Once it’s gone it’s gone. Nearly all our artists are on board, so each day you’ll get a different offer from a different artist until 31st. What’s more, I’ll throw in free delivery to the lucky person who gets in there first and buys it!

The offer emails will go out at 8am every day, so make sure you check your inbox so as not to miss out on your favourite. Just follow the link in the email to buy the painting and Deborah and I’ll do the rest!

If you don’t want to have a mail each day, absolutely no problem. By clicking unsubscribe in tomorrow’s (or any day’s) email after today, you won’t get any more offers, but it won’t affect your monthly email subscription, so feel free to unsubscribe from tomorrow onwards.

There are some incredible works, some with almost £1000 savings, so if you’ve seen something you’ve dreamed of having in the past, this could be your chance to smash it! I hope you find that painting you’ve always admired, and here’s to your click being quicker than anyone else’s ;0-) !

Lastly, The gallery will be closed throughout January from 2nd for a little refurbishment. Deborah and I will always be available to show anyone around and of course, get out any online orders. So just email us or call the mobile gallery numbers if you need us!

For now, here’s to a stupendous 2019 for you and yours and thanks so much again for your support and custom in 2018!



December 2018

Whilst away with my undeniably beautiful wife I suddenly had one of those ‘lady in red’ moments. Seeing her how everyone else must see her radiating her natural effervescent charm and alluring care-free personality. It was a delight, but also brought a little sadness that I clearly take it all for granted most of the time.

I think we can all be like that about life sometimes. I once read a statistic that it’s only as tourists that we tend to look up. In our day-to-day life we miss most things above our line of sight. Every time I recall that fact, I make a determined effort to look up and I’m always surprised at what I see that I take for granted or completely miss out on most of the time… read more

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