September 2018

I was talking to an artist friend recently who had issue of self-belief. Being bullied at school by the ‘cool’ kids, they still believed they weren’t good enough even though they were one of the leading people in their field today and for sure would be the envy of those bullies now.

Our lack of self-esteem can run deep. Unlike the proverbial elephant who remains shackled to a feeble peg, despite now being twenty times its baby self, we should always be brave enough to challenge our most deep-set beliefs about ourselves.

Insecurities are the hardest thing to confront. Years of conditioning can’t be overturned in an instant, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, day by day. It was one of the hardest lessons I learnt back in the 90s after spending a revolutionary weekend with an American Indian, but one of the most valuable.

Self-disbelief is nurture not nature and so we can change any illusion we have about ourselves. All we need do is challenge that nurturing every day in a simple, repetitive way, over and over again. Every fragment we tap away at will shed a boulder in weight over time and our illusionary backpacks will become considerably lighter with each chip.

We’ve all come a long way since our playground selves and so taking stock of what you’ve achieved is not being proud or self-congratulatory, but essential and life-affirming. Life itself is a milestone worth celebrating and our part in it, without question, is worthy of praise, regardless of what our young selves may try to convince us.

OK, so what’s new in the art-lover’s tuck shop this month? Well, before I get onto the scrummy new comestibles, it is with great delight I can introduce you to our newest artist, John Hopkins. A veteran freelance artist, John was the winner of our The Artist Magazine prize at Patchings festival this year, amongst many other prizes.

As such, you’ll be seeing a lot more from John with us over the coming year, but for now, he’s painted two incredible watercolours of Portscatho Porth which have to be seen here in superzoom to be believed. Welcome, John!

If you’re as big a fan of Philip Tyler as we are, then you’ll hurry over to his age because he’s just added 6

new beauties! Claire Henley’s page is bursting with new works since her hugely successful exhibitions and both the Fisherman’s Shelter and Hotel Tresanton. She’s been a busy girl indeed!

We can hardly keep Penny German‘s work in the house this summer. So get in there quick if you want to bag one of her impeccable still lifes. And that splendid Ben Taffinder came in with some astonishing paintings mid month as well! No surprises there, eh?

‘The Hig’ (Stephen Higton) has blessed us with some blinders and they’re flying as quickly as they arrive. That man can paint, I tell ya! And the inimitable Robin Mason drove down especially in person to deliver some supreme work mid month, too. If he’s gonna go that far, the least we could do is check ’em out, eh?

Just the other day, Jill Hudson popped in with a couple of schamazing seascapes which we’re already in love with (you might have to fight us for ’em, tho!) and both Andrew Allanson and Ann Kelly have blessed us with some beautifully iconic views of the Roseland. Again, well worth popping over for.

Lastly, we’ve got the Italian Stallion, José Salvaggio back in house. Our french based painter has painted some mindbogglingly good French countryside scenes for us after we sold a commission to the US for him this week, so immerse yourself into those beauties whilst they last!

More are already on their way, so do keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks on all our social media feeds (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and of course, the website which’ll be the first place to buy them if you can’t make it to Cornwall… always happy to deliver worldwide, folks!

Oh, and if you’re in the Stroud area at the end of October, THG will be on tour, doing a popup over the weekend of 26th – 28th… more on this exciting event next month, folks, but put the date in yer diary!

Toodle pip f’now!



August 2018

Please, whatever you do, don’t tell my wife, but I may have discovered the beauty of gardening. OK, not gardening, exactly – pulling up weeds and digging holes is deffo not included in that proclamation – but the simple joys of watering, for sure.

The thing is, I used to come in after a hard day in the gallery and have a beer and watch TV (whilst surfing the web, of course!)… read more

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