Jill Hudson

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Jill Hudson is from Merseyside where she was born in 1977. At the age of 20, having never been abroad, she decided to head off to Uganda for eight months to teach English and Chemistry in a rural school.

She returned to England to study Fine Art at Falmouth College of Arts, but her love for travel has stayed with her.

During her degree, she studied for three months at the Accademia di Belli Arti in Venice, where she experimented with not only her art, but with the language itself and a creative navigation of the city’s labyrinth of canals and walkways!

Jill returns to Italy often and has since been even further afield, travelling through central and southern America. Wherever she goes, she takes her paints with her, and in 2005 she took up the post of expedition artist in Chile, with Raleigh International.

“There, I was able to capture the magic of the landscape and people in paint and sketches, and also work with the expedition venturers and staff, exploring with them different art forms and local traditional crafts,” she said.

Having returned now to Cornwall, Jill remains involved in educational art workshops, which she enjoys immensely.

Her paintings reflect her lifestyle and are highly dramatic works with strong brush strokes and emotive subjects.




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