March 2021

I’ve noticed that in life, many of us become ‘attached’ to things outside of ourselves that run the risk of controlling who we are as individuals.  A good example is sport. Many of us enjoy a good game of rugby, football or tennis, etc. Sitting watching two people or teams play out the game can be exhilarating.

The issues arise one we become too emotionally ‘attached’ to any one preferential outcome. If our favourite team wins, it can make our week, but if they lose, it can ruin both our moods and, in turn, affect those around us. This is the downside of attachment.

This can manifest in almost any walk of life: attachment to our county, country, sporting or musical ‘heroes’, and equally politics or our Gods. When we attach ourselves too greatly to these things, it is easy to become radical and reject the value of anyone else’s choices in the protection of our own.

In short, when our attachments define who we are, we run the risk of caring

too deeply when others challenge them and so take personal offence. This is the dark side of defining ourselves by something or someone outside of ourselves and it is the root of much argument and even war in today’s society.

I’m not suggesting we should live life without preferences, but the moment we become offended when someone challenges those preferences is the moment we’ll know just how emotionally invested we are in them. This is the opportunity for us to decide whether that attachment is a healthy, or unhealthy one.

This isn’t a judgment about the rights or wrongs of our personal preferences, it’s simply a way to help us eke out those choices that serve us in life from those that hold us back. Not an easy path to take.

I wish all strength and success to those who take that path of self-examination. It’s an admirable though challenging pursuit, but one which undoubtedly could lead to more calm and happiness in life.

OK, me lovelies, before I get onto this month’s delights, I want to share with you this year’s fabulous exhibitions. Most will be in the Fisherman’s Shelter but just two will be in-house. You can click on the image here to see them in more detail but suffice to say they kick off with the fab Robin Mason on the first May Bank holiday weekend starting April 30th Yippeeee!

So what about the new works? Well, there’ve needed to be plenty as we’ve sold so much this month, so let’s kick off with the fab Mike Hindle. He posted 5 whopping new beauties, one of which has already sold, so make sure you check those out sharpish!

I wanted to let you know about this killer new John Hopkins, but again, that sold the day it was posted, but I suspect there’ll be more from him very soon and there’re still a few left on his page.

The cuddly Claire Henley added three stonkers to her page. A veritable tour around the Roseland area from Mevagissey, through Portscatho and on to St Mawes. Gotta lurve that, ain’tcha?

Like John Hopkins, Lucy Davies added a newbie to her page which sold overnight, too, but she’s painting for us now and still has some absolute killers on her page, so don’t miss them beauts!

Jenny Aitken finished a huge commission for us but has some new work to astonish the Gods, so why not skidaddle over to her age and treat yourself to a butchers?

And the unstoppable Andrew Allanson has been painting like a Trojan for us as he’s almost sold everything we had. So make sure you check out the four he’s added right away if you don’t wanna miss out on the buzz.

And just as I’m putting pen to paper (virtually) The Hig sent in this amazing seascape of Carne towards Pendower beach. It’s like a low tide walk on canvas… Stephen Higton stylie!

And the lovely Mary Allen added a couple of superb online-only exclusives to her page. Just loving the complex simplicity of her brush and palette knife work… not easy to do, I tell ya!

So there it is, me lovelies. I hope you can get down to see us as soon as travel is allowed again and I wish you all the very best till then… you know where we are if you need anything!

Stay safe,


Mark David Hatwood FRSA


February 2021

Almost 30 years ago, my apache Indian friend suggested I choose up to three words that encapsulate my personality. It took days of condensing the possibilities until I was left with just two: A loving and creative man. I was happy with my choice until one day, fifteen years later, it suddenly dawned on me that ‘enthusiastic’ should be added to those two to complete the trio… read more

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