Peter Blakesley

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Peter Blakesley worked in finance until 2016 when he reignited his first love by becoming a professional painter. As a child, drawing and painting was a large part of his life and it crept back into working with watercolours, quickly enjoy success through both sales and awards.

He takes photo inspirations on his phone when walking with his dog, capturing images that he works on later in his home studio.

He began experimenting with oil paints, creating much larger works and he enjoys the freedom of reflecting on the progress of the painting by overpainting where necessary, again and again, until the right colour/tone/mood/composure has been captured.

Over time, Peter’s work has moved away from realism into semi abstract and he often “struggles” with the balance as to what direction he wants his work to take.

He considers himself extremely fortunate to be surrounded by the beautiful countryside of the South West and often draws inspiration from his surroundings.  Once painting, he is able to totally switch off from the outside world and, more recently, Peter has discovered the merits of Acrylic paints, and also mixed media, enabling him to be more spontaneous: using more vibrant colours that take him out of his comfort zone.

Peter is an active member of the Torbay Guild of Artists. He has exhibited throughout the South West, and has won many accolades as well as being a finalist in the Devon Life Landscape Artist of the Year.



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