March 2018

giving-smMy wife and I are often astounded when people who ask for business advice are surprised by the open, honest and unguarded answers they receive. For us, sharing our hard-earned knowledge is not only important, but makes complete sense.

There are no truly original ideas in the world. Ideas are made up of a mixture of things already in existence that are modified, combined and restructured to make something new. As such, we robinmasonboth believe that sharing information with those who’re interested and then watching how it manifests it another’s hands. It’s not just fascinating, but life affirming.

I’ve spent the last 40 years of my working life reinventing myself every 5 or so years. When we send some information out, then watch how it comes back, we learn. Being guarded about the information we pass on not only stifles growth for the world, but also ourselves.

Surely we want the world to improve, prosper and grow? If so, the sharing of information is essential if we’re to learn from past mistakes (of which, I suggest, we have many) and become more in tune with our potential.

mark_allenIt’s for this reason we happily let everyone into our ‘secrets’ when asked. And anyway, we truly believe there is enough of everything in the world; it’s only the distribution of it that is being stifled by avarice.

deborah_walkerSo now spring has sprung (according to meteorologists, who clearly didn’t get the memo! ;-0) we’re all guns blazing with new works and our first exhibition of the month.

The ever popular Robin Mason will be in the Fisherman’s Shelter on 31st for a drinks evening from 6pm and then will be keeping you all entertained on Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd from 11-4pm. Can’t wait to see his newbies in the flesh and they’ll go live here as usual the day before, so make a diary date!

claire_henley-EarlyEveningPortscatho-710We also have some incredible work from many artists with more to come. Kicking off the the cheeky Mike Hindle who bought in three astonishing new pieces last week, I think they’re the best he’s done for quite a while… and that’s saying something!

philip_tylerThe youthful and ever sparkling Mary Allen popped in with two beautifully tranquil newbies last weekend, too. Boy are they worth a butchers… sublime!

If that’s not enough for ya, just yesterday we took delivery of 5… yes FIVE brand new Deborah Walker’s, painted especially for YOU of local scenes. Never ceases to amaze me her talent!

ben_taffinderAnd what about everyone’s favourite, Claire Henley? She came down mid-month with some new pieces and two sold before I even got them out the packing! I know she’s working on more for us, but for now, here’re the others that’re still available. Oh and the mega-talented Ben Taffinder popped in with some scorchers, too… two of which sold right away, but, boy, are they all good!

jenny_aitken-HazyBuzzPortscathoHarbour-710And for you many Philip Tyler fans, did you see him on Sky TV’s Portrait Artist of the Year on Tuesday night? If not, you can catch the talented fella doin’ his thang by clicking right here. What with Jenny Aitken and myself in The Artist magazine this month and my regular arts page in Cornwall Today, you’d hard pushed to avoid the THG crew in the press lately!

roomviewLastly, we’ve added a new feature taken from our brill sister website If you’d like to see how any painting would look on your wall, just send us an image of your room and we’ll create a mock-up for you and send it back. A virtual try-before-you-buy. You need to send a measurement of something in the picture, so we can get the approximate size, but otherwise, why not try us out… It’s great fun!

Adios for now, me beauties!



February 2018

emotions-smI do dribble on a lot about happiness in my newsletters and important as that is, clearly there’s no way we’ll always be happy all of the time. As humans we’re complex individuals with a while range of emotions. As such we’re bound to experience both highs and lows.

My own can range from anger, frustration, sadness, envy and contentment… and many more besides. OK, I may not be as ‘emotional’ as I was as a teenager, but I can still feel the wroth of all these emotions occasionally… and more… read more



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