April 2021

When was the last time you used your other hand to brush your teeth? Or went a different way to work, or even took note of one of the 20,000 breaths we take each day? If you’re anything like me, it’s not it often, if at all. In truth, it’s more often I suddenly find myself at work and can’t even remember the journey because I’m so absorbed by my thoughts.

Being conscious and in the moment is a rarity. We’re always thinking about the past or future, rarely about the present moment. And yet, so much of life is happening outside of our bodies at any given moment, not in our minds.

Sometimes, when I remember, I like to challenge myself to do things like brush with my other hand or look up when I’m walking somewhere familiar. Why? Because by doing these things, it forces me to see not only my world differently but also challenges my everyday choices on everything.

When we get stuck in doing things the way we’ve always done them, our minds are closed to what we’re doing and we dream and think about unimportant things instead… or simply worry. Forcing ourselves to do things differently changes our entire outlook not only in that moment, but also in the choices we make all day: it expands our universe to other ways of doing or thinking things.

Try sitting for a moment, close your eyes and listen to a few of those 20,000 daily breaths. Unlike meditation, be aware of the sounds around you: cars, distant dog barks or trees rustling and birds singing. Embrace them.

Being in the moment even for a few minutes does more than calm us, it allows us to stop thinking and instead, expand our potential. Awareness of what we’re doing allows us to shed the feeling of restraint and entices us to embrace a new way of thinking. Why not give it a go…? what have you got to lose?

Right, well with so much to update you with, let’s get started. First up, we’ll be open again on 13th April so looking forward to seeing you when you can get here safely. And I’ll keep the daily offers going until the 12th so you don’t miss out on a daily slice of THG with yer toast!

So let’s kick off with the schamazeballs Robin Mason who has been busy last month finishing the many commissions we’ve been lashing him to the easel with. Not only that, he’ll be in the shelter on 30th April for the first of this year’s exhibitions so if you’re down for the first bank holiday weekend, you’ve timed it just right!

Hilary Stock is gearing up for her exhibition, too, creating some absolutely stunning new triptychs… and all rather affordable. So check out her new collection here. And the fab Claire Henley has added new work, some of which sold in minutes, so be quick if you wanna nab one of hers.

Jill Hudson popped over with 7… yes SEVEN! brand new pieces. Her new, looser style has become so popular, it’s unsurprising a few have already sold. And our still-life goddess, Penny German hit us with three scrummy newbies… gotta lurve this new yellow Cornishware, eh?

Would you believe me if I said Andrew Allanson painstakingly painted seven new pieces for us and five sold in the first day? Well, believe it. Astonishingly popular, but there’re a couple more here and more on their way before we open! And our impasto prince, Ben Taffinder is beavering away painting for us as I write but there’re a couple of new works already on his page. They’ll need framing so we can’t send right away, but you can buy them now.

Jenny Aitken has painted a huge new collection for us which have to be seen to be believed. As with many artists this month, some sold within minutes of hitting our social media feeds, but there’re still oodles more here. And Imogen Bone has just finished an astonishing 8, yes EIGHT brand new works. See them all in glorious superzoom here.

Like Andrew Allanson, Lucy Davies sold a batch of her new work as soon as it was posted, but there’re still more from her here. And the lovely Mary Allen added a couple of new online-only exclusives to her page… always worth a butchers, her work!

A new batch of Mike Hindle‘s have just got back from the framers and will be hung next week ready for the opening… that is, if they don’t sell beforehand! And The Hig has been sending down easel-fresh work one by one, but many have gone direct to new homes, but there’re still some corkers from Stephen Higton here.

Lastly, everyone’s favourite cloudscaper, Philip Tyler has added both some physical new work and some online-only exclusives since I was last in your inbox. And gorge they all are, too, so do check them out if you like a bit of Tyler-tastic work.

So there it is, folks. If you wanna build your holiday around your favourite artist’s exhibition in the shelter, click here and you’ll find all the dates. For now, here’s to a slice of freedom around 12th and I hope to see you happy and healthy over the coming months!

Stay safe


Mark David Hatwood FRSA


March 2021

I’ve noticed that in life, many of us become ‘attached’ to things outside of ourselves that run the risk of controlling who we are as individuals.  A good example is sport. Many of us enjoy a good game of rugby, football or tennis, etc. Sitting watching two people or teams play out the game can be exhilarating... read more

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